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Lae1 A Dog Is A Man's Best Friend

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Are you ever in need of a good listener? Are you ever in need of a protector or do you just want a new responsibility to make you happy? Might I suggest to you a pet, not just any pet, but a dog! A dog is a man’s best friend, a commonly used quote that is quiet accurate. I would adopt a dog because they are good companions, good protectors, a good responsibility to take on and they help you to be active.
Dogs are good companions because they are very sensitive to human emotions and can brighten your mood when you are having a bad day. A dog is very good at making your surroundings come alive when you feel lonely, by just looking at you and wagging its tail in expression of love and ...view middle of the document...

They are able to hear strange noises and to notify their owners of strange happenings by barking. Burglars tend to refrain from places with guard dogs or any dog for that matter that barks. Dogs are also very territorial; have you ever notice how a nurturing dog gets aggressive if someone goes close to her puppies? It is the same with us, dogs sense danger and protects there owner from it.
If you don’t mind the fun and excitement of a little added responsibility, then getting a dog would be an excellent choice. The very fact that you have the opportunity to name your dog is testament to the fact that it is your duty to take care of it. Dogs require love, attention and food which proud owners delightfully give them. Dogs tend to make an individual more selfless, which is a good lesson to learn in order to deal with the relationships in our lives. In taking care of a dog it gives one fulfilment and joy just to know that you are giving love and taking care of such a wonderful animal that will show you love and loyalty in return. Parents often give their children a dog to teach them various responsibilities and character traits such as...

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