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March 3, 2014

The Other Meaning of Race

This essay “What’s in a Name,” Henry Louis Gates created a expresses on his viewpoint of the discrimination that his parents, particularly his father, experienced during his childhood in the South. The specific example that Gates refers to involves an incident where a shopkeeper who was friendly with his father referred to him as “George,” a name that Gates now realizes was a popular way of referring to African Americans in those times. Perhaps because his father made good money and the shopkeeper felt uneasy about his status, or simply because of the color of his skin, Gates’ father had to accept this discrimination and there was nothing he could do about it.
“The “Black Table ”Is Still There,” Lawrence Otis ...view middle of the document...

Gates’ reasons and were of privileged status.” Once the incident with Mr. Wilson had occurred, the author might have felt ashamed or a bit embarrassed. 
Also Henry Louis Gates Jr. “What’s in a Name?“, Gates deals with a sort of life changing reality as a young boy. Gates and his father went to the drugstore in town, where his father was the only colored person that could eat there out of the whole town. As Gates was eating his ice cream, his father greets Mr. Wilson and he responds by saying ,“Hello, George.” Gates then finds out that Mr. Wilson calls all colored people “George”. . He recalls the incident from a time when prejudice and discrimination against African Americans was perfectly normal.
Towards the end of this essay there is a moment of silence when the author calls it “One of those things as his mother called it.” He described it as a seeing into another world where reality was bitter. The mood suddenly shifts into Gates talking about Jackie Robinson being the best at hitting better in a clutch than anyone.
When comparing both story both had many summaries, like raciest problems, difference segregation situations, and achieving integration. This story made me think of all the things my grandpa had told me from his younger days. All the different problems people gave him for no reason at all, he said as if they were picking on him. But he did tell me one thing, the time we are living now is one of the greatest times in his life not having to deal with the odds situation he use to face.

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