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Lady Macbeth Essay

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Lady Macbeth is a fascinating character in the famous play written by William Shakespeare entitled Macbeth. Lady Macbeth has a multi faceted personality because one side of her character is contemptible, determined and rude while the other side is extremely fearful and hesitant. One of Shakespeare’s most famous characters, Lady Macbeth is known for manipulating her husband to commit the murder of king Duncan and thereby making her an active participant in the crime. Ambition is one of her most prominent traits; She will do anything to become queen and eventually she does but the thing about Lady Macbeth is that she has a conscience, even though she regards it as a weakness. The regret she ...view middle of the document...

“He’s here in double trust:/ [f]irst, as I am his kinsman and his subject, / [s]trong both against the deed; then, as his host, / [w]ho should against his murderer shut the door,/ [n]ot bear the knife myself.” (1, 7,12-16) but he also knows that in order to become king himself he has to murder this very good and justice doing, gullible man. After the murder of King Duncan Lady Macbeth says, “a little water will wash away the deed”. This is an example of how she thought that if she killed Duncan all she would need is water to wash away the blood and guilt. Beginning shortly after the murder of the king the relationship between Macbeth and his wife begins to change. Right after Lady Macbeth is still covering for Macbeth in order not to make the other thanes suspicious but with time the pair grows more distant witch each other and withholding important details from each other, like Macbeth not telling his wife about the three prophecies (4, 1) or that he ordered Banquo’s murder (3, 2). Meanwhile Lady Macbeth is trying to find courage by drinking. For some time she takes charge again but only to fall down again.
By act 5 Lady Macbeth is a wreck. She is sleep walking and constantly playing the night of the murder over and over in her head. The deteriorating...

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