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Labour In Jamaica Essay

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What are the options to survive - how are people making a living
How is this changing based on international monetary policies
May be tested on ideas arising from the film - note what there lives look like
IMF says there will be no future for the rich if there is no future for the poor
IMF made dollar worthless 1944 war coming to an End but didn't want want to be in the mess of the Ned of the 30's.
Purpose was to have a bank they could turn to for short term borrowing.
To provide capital for the rebuilding of Europe
Wanted to be free from Britain but they are worse off than when they were ruled by the ...view middle of the document...

They are saying that you have to lend to the farmers at 23percent because they were lent as 19 percent.
They use machete to farm what the world uses a machine to farm - they can't compete.
Offers from Americans to sell potato seeds.
Loan 50million to support agriculture - abandon of any control of import
IMF and World Bank will make loans All had to give you a clean bill of health
Because they are working together they all have to agree.
This new world order of trade - there will be no government control of trading So they have to match the trading for each country
Influx of milk powder imports so they could not sell fresh milk
Ultimately the dairy industry went out of business.  Eventually, the powdered milk will cost more but it will be too late - they will not be able to restart the milking industry

Europeans that had colonies felt they should help colonies to take their rightful place in their world. Guaranteed market tariff free in Europe.  US are using WTO to try and get rid of the agreement of free tariffs - saying it's not fair - US doesn't produce bananas.    Access they have is to Europe and UK and the US companies Chiquite, Dole, Del Monte are grown in Latin America who are at the at the mercy of the owners = they went on strike at Chiquita and they were forced to go back to work.  No investors will touch banana market anymore.  Two years ago it was 150 workers now 50. 
US and world bank gave money to build up areas. US cotton are brought in and sew them produce them etc... And then send them back.  Free zone operates as a separate entity.  Goods come in a container into the free zone and once completed leave back to the boats they are no taxes.


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