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Labor Practices Essay

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Labor Practices

Labor Practices
A growing demand on consumer goods require goods and apparel to be made quickly. For many consumers, purchasing new apparel or goods is dependent on the price. Consumers want low price apparel items and are usually willing to shop around to find the best deal. Many consumers are not paying attention to where the goods came from and if they were manufactured in sweatshops and clothing companies are not disclosing if their items were manufactured in such facility. Should apparel companies be forced to disclose the work conditions of where their items are made? Yes, apparel companies should either disclose the information or require their manufacturers to ...view middle of the document...

Other companies do not have full disclosure of where the products come from or how they are made. When the public is informed of a large retailer or designer using such work environments to manufacture their apparel, the company can take a hit and be scrutinized for such business practices. This is what happened with Walt Disney Company and now the company has hired an outside company to help ensure the factory workers are not exposed to such conditions. (Gunther, 2006) Also, businesses know that values are important to customers and customers will buy from and follow companies that share in the same ethics and values. (Viederman, 2007) So, it is important for companies to dive deeper into their ethical perspectives to ensure they are following along with how their consumers feel.
How a Company Influences their Ethical Environment
When Walt Disney Company was scrutinized for utilizing sweatshop labor to manufacture their store items, the company jumped into action. (Gunther, 2006) They understood their consumer base did not like or follow such an environment and, the company would most likely lose sales if changes were not made. Walt Disney’s name and brand is a powerful name and if the company did not act quickly to extinguish the use of sweatshop labor, they would most likely...

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