Labor Markets And Recruiting Tasks Essay

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1. Identify different ways that labor markets can be identified and approached.
• Geographic Labor Markets – are markets labor markets classified by geographical area. There could be area based, local, regional, nation-wide labor markets. Local and area labor markets vary significantly in terms of workforce availability and quality. (Mathis & Jackson, Human Resource Management, p. 2008, 197) For example, one region can be short of local workforce, because of aging people and there is a high immigration of foreigners to fulfill these vacancies. Changes in a geographic labor market may force changes in recruiting efforts. (Mathis & Jackson, Human Resource Management, 2008, p. 197). For ...view middle of the document...

199). Occupational labor markets are defined as the one which needs special knowledge, skills and/or abilities.
• Educational and Technical Labor Markets - employers may need individuals with specific licenses, certifications, or educational backgrounds. (Mathis & Jackson, Human Resource Management, 2008, p. 199). There could also be technicians’ labor market.
2. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of internal and external recruiting.
Internal recruiting (Mathis & Jackson, Human Resource Management, 2008, p. 204, figure 7-5):
• Advantages:
o The morale of the promotee is usually high.
o The firm can better assess a candidate’s abilities.
o Recruiting costs are lower for some jobs.
o The process is a motivator for good performance.
o The process causes a succession of promotions.
o The firm has to hire only at entry level.
• Disadvantages
o “Inbreeding” results.
o Those not promoted may experience morale problems.
o Employees may engage in “political” infighting for promotions.
o A management development program is needed.
External recruiting (Mathis & Jackson, Human Resource Management, 2008, p. 204, figure 7-5):
• Advantages
o New “blood” brings new perspectives.
o Training new hires is cheaper and faster because of prior external experience.
o The new hire has no group of “political supporters” in the organization.
o The new hire may bring new industry insights.
• Disadvantages
o The firm may not select someone who will fit the job or the organization.
o The process may cause morale problems for internal candidates not selected.
o The new employee may require a longer adjustment or orientation time.

3. Specify three internal sources for recruiting and issues associated with their use.
• Employee databases – databases containing information about current employees’ knowledge, skills and abilities, which lets to filter potential workers for a vacant position.
Issues this method is facing, that it costs and it needs time to prepare such database. Also constant updates should be made. The KSAs could be just words, which means that these abilities or skills were used long time ago and because of that the information might be misleading.
• Job posting – system in which the employer provides notices of job openings and employees respond by applying. (Mathis & Jackson, Human Resource Management, 2008, p. 205)
However if the job posting is not conducted in a right way it might come ineffective. If the employee is not accepted for certain position, the consultation between HR manager and the turned down employee should be made to discuss KSAs and avoid future misunderstanding. Issue might be the difficulty to state what kind of levels or types of jobs can be posted.
• Promotions and transfers – filling the open position by promoting or transferring an employee from one department to another.
Even this method is probably the most successful, there are some drawbacks. A person’s performance on one job may not be a good...

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