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Labor Laws & Unions Essay

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Labor Laws & Unions – United Parcel Service
April, 2013

Labor Laws and Unions were established to protect the employees in an organization through maintaining his or her rights under law. The Clayton Act was established in 1914, which stated that employees had the right to join a union. Many laws have been passed since then to protect the rights of the organization’s and its unions. The United Parcel Service (UPS) is the largest employer of the Teamsters Union under the Package Division ("Teamsters package division,"). UPS is an excellent example of the benefits of joining a union it processes and its negotiation power.

Benefits to Joining a Union
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The benefit of acquiring union backing allowed the employees to stand on solid ground to get the fair and successful outcome that they deserved.

Unionization Process
The Teamsters unionization process is to organize and educate workers so that they understand the laws and rights of the workplace. It also involves workers in the political process and helps with the negotiation of contracts and laws. If an employee is interested in forming a union, the Teamsters direct him or her to the local union in the area or Joint Council to help with the process. According to the newsletter of the UPS Teamsters local union 938, the interested employees are asked to sign a union card; once 40% of the employees have agreed to the terms, the cards are forwarded to the Canadian International Relations Board for certification. In order for the union to be completely certified, 50% of the employees must complete a card. The employee information is confidential ("Teamsters local union 938," 2013). If employees are dissatisfied by the treatment in the workplace or unhappy with their wages and benefits, forming a union may be the best way to make those changes happen.

How the Union Bargains
The union bargaining starts once a proposal is submitted and collective bargaining begins. The next step in the bargaining process is scheduling subsequent meetings until both sides come to an agreement on the terms. If the terms are not decided by the majority, a strike may begin. Before the UPS strike began in 1997, the teamsters and the UPS union workers did their homework on the laws, regulations and rights of the employees. During the strike, the union was able to defeat...

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