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Labels Are For Soup Cans Essay

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Religious StereotypesSome of the most well-known stereotypes involving religion concern Jews, Mormons, and Muslims. Jews are often stereo-typed as cheap and greedy, where as in reality the fiscal responsibility that they show further boosts our economy. A common misconception is that the Mormon culture is highly based on incest (i.e. having multiple husbands/wives and reproducing with children), and thirdly, and probably the most relevant in American society, involve the Muslim religion being generally terrorists. These stereotypes greatly affect the way we treat and look at people who believe in these religions. Many are close-minded and aren't willing to expand knowledge and understanding ...view middle of the document...

The money-changer stereotype originated in the days when Jews converted the coins of the Roman Empire into the currency accepted by the Jerusalem Temple." ( , 2014)When the word "Mormon" is spoken, a group of people with strict and sometimes even ridiculous beliefs come to mind. The Mormons are often believed to carry on relationships with multiple partners at once. This is definitely a misconception. People often confuse Mormons with Polygamists, or FLDS. These two ways of life are completely different, and have more opposing beliefs than they do similar ones. The polygamists live in colonies dominated by men, often whom have multiple wives of all ages. This is what society often believes Mormons do, when in reality they are firm believers in having relations with only one partner.Even before the attack on 9/11 , Muslims have been feared in America. "For example, in the immediate wake of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, early news accounts included reports of people of "Middle Eastern heritage" fleeing the scene; many journalists, "experts," and even former Representative Dave McCurdy linked the bombing to "fundamentalist Islamic terrorist groups." The response was fast and furious: over two hundred incidents of bias against the Muslim community followed in the next few days, including attacks on private homes and mosques. Muslims were not involved in the bombing, but many were active in the rescue efforts." The government is largely at fault for this because of how much they associate the terrorists and their groups with the Muslim culture. The media also largely contributes, where the word "Muslim" is often printed in the same sentence with "terrorist" and "violence." In reality, there are just as many Christian extremist groups in countries...

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