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Lab1 Essay

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Laboratory Instructor Guide
Lab 1: Computer Model Understanding Activity (paper and pencil)
Learning Objectives and Outcomes

The student is expected to demonstrate the ability to work with the von Neumann model of a computer. To demonstrate this ability, the student will: 1. Draw a diagram of a computer from the von Neumann perspective, including definitions of all parts of the model. 2. Provide examples of the Input, Output, and Memory sections of the model. 3. Provide a comparison table showing the similarities and differences between desktop and notebook computers.
Required Setup and Tools

In this laboratory, students will need only paper and pencil to do the required work. ...view middle of the document...

These include modems, network adapters, and expansion ports such as USB, FireWire, and PCMCIA slots.

Task 3: Here are some similarities and differences between desktop and notebook computers. Similarities Functionality: Both types of computers provide the same functionality, including expansion ports, CD/DVD drives, keyboards, mouse, audio output, and video display. Differences Power Source: The desktop computer contains a power supply that draws power from a wall outlet and may provide hundreds of watts of power to the system. The notebook computer relies on a rechargeable battery for power when not plugged in, which provides a lower power than that of the desktop. Software: Both types of computers can run the same operating systems and application programs. Size: The desktop computer sits on a desk and is not easily portable. The notebook computer sits on the top of a table or in your lap and is easily portable. Power Saving: Both types of computers can hibernate or sleep when not being used. Components: The internal components of a desktop computer are not designed for lowpower operation. This includes the CPU, which is equipped with a large heat sink and fan. A notebook computer contains low-power components, including the CPU. Vulnerability: Both types of computers are vulnerable to malicious code if not properly protected. Communication: Notebook computers typically have infrared ports and built-in video cameras and...

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