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Lab Report Physics

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Lab Report Format
Data is collected in groups. Lab reports may be submitted individually or as a group. If the report is written by the group, all members must contribute to the report. Remember that good technical writing is terse. Organization and readability should be a priority, as you are communicating your work to others. Use proper English; you will be graded on your grammar and syntax. Finally, do not submit work with spelling errors – all of the software you are using has spell-check capability.
• A word processor with the ability to format mathematical equations. Microsoft Word has an equation editor and is installed on all lab computers.
• A spreadsheet capable ...view middle of the document...

Fully explain the variables in each equation before going on to the next. Use an italic font for variables in the text of your report to differentiate them from regular text.

Apparatus (5 points)
A listing of all the equipment you used to gather data.
Procedure (20 points)
Experiments will generally have multiple procedures. Each of these procedures should be in a separately titled subsection. In each, include a picture or diagram (computer generated, not hand-drawn) of the apparatus used, and fully summarize what was done. This means what data was collected, where the data can be found, everything that was done with the data, and why. All tables, graphs, and equations should be referenced by number.
Analysis (15 points)
You should have the same separately titled subsections here as you do in the procedure. In each, give the results of your analysis (answer the whys from the procedure). Every graph plotted must be discussed. This means what relationship (if any) was confirmed by a graph, and how. Include regression output data (equation returned, r2 value, and any constants) and tie these together with the corresponding equations from your Theory section. If you did calculations of...

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