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Identification of the Main Groups in Macromolecules- Carbohydrates
To investigate and identify the different types of carbohydrates

Macromolecules are large molecules that are present in our body. There are four main types of macromolecules, namely carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. Each one of them plays specific and significant roles in our body and each one of them is extremely important. If we are lacking either one of them, our body would receive the consequences.
Carbohydrates are one of the most essential sources of energy for our body. They a composed of the three elements, carbon (C), hydrogen (H) oxygen (O), and in the ratio ...view middle of the document...

Activity 1: Monosaccharide
Boiling tube | Content |
A | 10 cm3 distilled water + 1 cm3 of Benedict reagent (control) |
B | 5 cm3 0.01% glucose + 5 cm3 distilled water + 1 cm3 of Benedict reagent |
C | 5 cm3 0.1% glucose + 5 cm3 distilled water + 1 cm3 of Benedict reagent |
D | 5 cm3 0.5% glucose + 5 cm3 distilled water + 1 cm3 of Benedict reagent |
E | 5 cm3 1% glucose + 5 cm3 distilled water + 1 cm3 of Benedict reagent |
F | 5 cm3 1% sucrose + 5 cm3 distilled water + 1 cm3 of Benedict reagent |
G | 5 cm3 0.01% glucose + 5 cm3 distilled water + 1 cm3 of Benedict reagent |
H | 5 cm3 W juice + 5 cm3 distilled water + 1 cm3 of Benedict reagent |
I | 5 cm3 Y juice + 5 cm3 distilled water + 1 cm3 of Benedict reagent |
J | 5 cm3 Z juice + 5 cm3 distilled water + 1 cm3 of Benedict reagent |
Table 1

1. The solutions were added into their respective boiling tubes according to the labeling in table 1.
2. The test tubes were placed into the boiling water bath for 10 minutes cautiously and carefully.
3. After 10 minutes, the test tubes were placed into the rack accordingly.
4. Any color changes was recorded.

Activity 2: Oligosaccharide
1. 1 cm3 of HCI was added into a tube containing 5 cm3 of 1% sucrose. The mixture were mixed by shaking the tube gently.
2. The tube was placed into the boiling hot water bath for 5-10 minutes.
3. Then, the solution was left cool for a while.
4. 1 cm3 of NaCHO3 was added into the test tubes and any observation was recorded.
5. 1 cm3 of benedict reagent was added into the solution. The test tube then was places into the boiling water bath for another 10 minutes.
6. Any observations of color changes were recorded.

Activity 3: Polysaccharide
(a) Flour
1. A spatula of flour was added into a test tube containing 5 cm3 of distilled water and the mixture was shaken gently.
2. A few drops of iodine solution were added and the mixture was shaken gently.
3. Any color observation was recorded.

(b) Potato suspension
1. Small amount of potato was peeled using razor blade and mashed using pestle and mortar. 5 cm3 of distilled water was added.
2. 5 cm3 of the suspension was added into a test tube and a few drops of iodine solutions were added into the test tube.
3. The test tube was shaken gently and any color observation was recorded.

(c) Potato slice
1. A very fine wedge of potato was cut using a razor blade and it was placed on the microscope slide.
2. 1-2 drops of iodine were placed at the end of the thin end of the wedge and a cover slip was place on top of it.
3. The slide was placed under the light microscope and the specimen was being observed under the magnification of 100x
4. The specimen was observed and sketched.

Activity 1: Monosaccharide
Boiling tube | Observation |
A | The blue color remain |
B | The blue color remain |
C | The...

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