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Lab 7 Security Essay

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Wednesday May 9, 2012
Lab 7: Security Basics

Task 1 Hardware and Software Firewalls
Barracuda Networks has a wide variety of Software and Hardware firewalls. They produce Spam and Virus firewalls protection, Web Filtering, and Barracuda Central. Barracudas Spam and Virus protection uses different methods of keeping your network secure such as 12 Defense Layers, Barracuda Reputation and Intent Analysis ,Predictive Sender Profiling, Barracuda Real-Time Protection, Triple Layer Antivirus Protection, Image Spam Protection, PDF Spam Protection, Mail Transport and Policy, and Clustering. Barracuda’s Web filtering methods include Spyware Protection, Application Blocking, Content ...view middle of the document...

Some free trials do not give you the full version trial of the software but in most cases they do. Panda and AVG antivirus programs are downloadable for free on the internet. Although being and free antivirus software program one might think it is not as good as the products you pay for, but through trial and error you can find what works for you.
2. There are many types of attacks your computer can encounter using the web. Examples are Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, malicious email attachments, and drive-by-downloads. A virus is one of the most common attacks your computer may receive. A virus’s function is to infiltrate your system and shut down certain parts of your system while gathering data. A virus is simply a coded program that has a main purpose and that is to get into your computer and do its job. Spyware is basically the way it sounds. It enters your system and attaches itself it, and it copies everything you do on your computer and reports back to the spywares owner. A Trojan basically infiltrates your computer system through a hole in the firewall and allows for a back door to be opened so that a hacker can infiltrate your computer system without your knowledge. A Trojan can also shut down your entire firewall to allow the hacker to infiltrate through the front but at the same time it can allow just about all viruses to enter your system as well. A drive-by-download is a something that most people don’t even realize has happened. Thinking that they are clicking on a single download of some type of application or a pop up window, allows viruses and malware to...

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