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Lab#1 Assesment Hands On Steps Essay

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Perform Reconnaissance and Probing Using Zenmap GUI (Nmap)
Hackers typically follow a five-step approach to seek out and destroy targeted hosts. The first step in performing an attack is to plan the attack by identifying the target and learning as much as possible about it. Hackers usually perform an initial reconnaissance and probing scan to identify IP hosts, open ports, and services enabled on servers and workstations. In this lab, you will plan an attack on where the VM server farm resides, and use the Zenmap GUI to perform an “Intense Scan” on the targeted IP subnetwork.



Learning Objectives
Upon completing this lab, you will be able to:
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Lab Assessment Questions & Answers for Lab #1.

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Hands-On Steps


Perform Reconnaissance and Probing Using Zenmap GUI (Nmap)

Hands-On Steps
1. This lab begins at the student landing vWorkstation virtual machine desktop of the VSCL, as

shown here.
figure 1.1

“Student Landing” VSCL workstation

The other virtual machines used in this environment require as much as 10 minutes to load in the background. Take this time before continuing to review the deliverables and assessment worksheet for this lab as answers to these questions may be found during the hands-on portion of this lab. The next steps help familiarize you with the applications available in the VSCL environment. You will open several different applications, explore the interface, and close the application.

2. Double-click the Wireshark icon on the desktop to start that application.

Wireshark is a protocol analyzer tool (sometimes called a “packet sniffer”). It is used to capture IP traffic from a variety of sources. You will use this application in a lab later in this course.
figure 1.2

The Wireshark window

3. Close the Wireshark application window.

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Lab #1 | Perform Reconnaissance and Probing Using Zenmap GUI (Nmap)
4. Double-click the NetWitness Investigator icon on the desktop to start that application.

NetWitness Investigator allows you to look at and analyze packet capture data (collected by applications like Wireshark) in context, so that you are able to act on any threats or problems quickly and easily.

figure 1.3

The NetWitness Investigator welcome screen

5. Close the NetWitness Investigator application window. 6. Double-click the Nessus Server Manager icon on the desktop to start that application.

Nessus performs remote scans and audits of Unix, Windows, and network infrastructures and can perform a network discovery of devices, operating systems, applications, databases, and services running on those devices.

figure 1.4

The Nessus window

7. Close the Nessus Server Manager application window.

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Hands-On Steps


Perform Reconnaissance and Probing Using Zenmap GUI (Nmap)

8. Double-click the ISSA_VM Server Farm_RDP icon on the desktop. This folder contains links to the virtual

servers in this lab environment. 9. Double-click the TargetWindows01.rdp file to open the Windows Server.
figure 1.5

Open a remote desktop connection to the TargetWindows01

10. Log on to the TargetWindows01 VM server with the following credentials:

• User name: Administrator • Password: ISS316Security

(Note that you must click in each field to enter the user name and password. You cannot tab between these two fields.)
If prompted to change the password, click oK to open the password change screen. type ISS316Security in both the New password field and the Confirm password field and click the login button. The system will generate a...

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