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La Music And Food Essay

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Aims of the Mid and West Wales Fire Service
1. To save lives and protect communities.
2. To be trusted and respected by our communities.
3. To be seen as more than an emergency service.
4. To manage within budget.
5. To make efficiencies year on year.
6. To match our resources to priorities.
7. To seek out and utilise alternative resources.
8. To manage our people effectively.
9. To fully develop risk reduction planning.
10. To develop effective partnership working.
11. To develop our workforce into effective and empowered people.
Within the aims they are then translated into specific SMART objectives. The voluntary sector consists of charities, which may represent ...view middle of the document...

Being a market leader can be a significant advantage for a business – suppliers will want to stock your product and it is likely that your customers will think about your products first. For example, if you wanted to buy a can of baked beans, there is a good chance you would look for Heinz, although you could buy Branston, or a supermarket’s own brand.
Brand awareness
A common marketing objective is to raise customers’ brand awareness. This might relate to a business’s overall brand (for example, BMW) or to a product brand within the company (for example, Mini). Successful raising of brand awareness can raise sales because customers will subconsciously or consciously seek out a brand when purchasing an item or service. A high level of brand awareness exists where consumers start to use the brand name in place of the product type. For example, if you were to talk about domestic appliances, would you say ‘vacuum cleaner’ or ‘Hoover’? Perceptions of customers or users A customer’s perception of a business or brand often affects their purchasing decisions. For example, your business may have very high brand awareness, but if your customers perceive your business as offering low-quality products, they may decide to purchase a competitor’s product. If a company develops a bad name, it can take a...

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