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L0.1.1 Review The Changing Perspectives In Marketing The Changing Perspectives In Marketing Planning Are That With Changes With Technology The Ways Businesses Market Plan Their Companies Have Changed As Businesses Now

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Google vs. Facebook Organisational behaviour12/6/2012Durrell carter|


In this assignment we will explore how Facebook and Google have different organisational structures and how this affects their businesses and staff members. Facebook and Google are both very large companies and have organizational structures which are similar and also different in the ways they structure their businesses. For example David Braginsky who worked for both Facebook and Google over the past five years wrote that "Google is really big. There are multiple teams doing the same thing and don't know about each other. There are teams that strongly believe that ...view middle of the document...

Facebook and Google’s Management styles are also very contrasting with the fact there are more managers in Google than in Facebook. An ARTICLE FROM says that "Google is so big; management plays a much bigger role. There are many VPs, directors, managers (not all technical), and tech-leads. Most managers are competent, and I have almost never heard engineers disliking their managers. But there are turf wars, and ideological conflicts on many levels. Google's culture is that decisions should be distributed, and made bottom up. This means engineers, and project teams have a lot of freedom, but it makes it difficult for teams to cooperate “Google span of control seem to be very wide with lots of managers having control over teams working to complete tasks and has a high level of centralization with 15 managers. However with Google there is less emphasis on managerial type figures and it is easier to develop relationships with people throughout the company and more manager-employee collaboration involved so problems and decisions are made by people at the heart of the problem.

Talking about Facebook and Google offers me the opportunity to find out about operational approach as a particular function of these organizations.
The central core of managing revolves around planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. We need to know what managers do but this situation is different from every single organization to another. That means any theory cannot be a substitute for any economic facts.
Within the organizations we are talking about certain levels of organizational structure and culture. Talking about Facebook we should realize that the matrix inside this organization can be described as a phew number of people being involved in taking all the decision. Someone said Facebook has a similar structure to a secret service, based on crisis cells, employees from different departments working for a certain particular operation. The leadership in this kind of structure actually put some pressure from the top to the bottom of the organizations. But Zuckerberg tried to change his organization transforming it in one of the most popular all around the world. Everybody knows that best talents in the world will always have their place with Facebook. The idea of open office and friendship at work it is very well known. We are talking about loyalty and team work, we are talking about funny environement.For example most of the employees may come and go as they want, without any standard works and duties. This freedom can also provide the best vision for the team and for the company as well. The main idea of having a playground inside the company is far beyond our imagination. In my personal opinion I think Zuckerberg has achieved a real success. On the other hand talking about the direct competitor Google Inc. There are no hierarchical structures but a decentralized one without any direct boss but all the autonomy in order to encourage free...

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