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L T C Design Pro Essay

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LTC Design Pro is a full service web development company that will provide consultation and design services for small to medium sized businesses. LTC Design Pro services will also include hosting and promotion of the website. LTC Design Pro's slogan will be “Web Design Your Way”.
The issues facing a new firm startup include the following: promotion of services, creation of the company website, partnering with a hosting company, and finding an office with enough space to conduct day to day business operations. The first step in the firm startup plan will be the creation of the company website. On the website LTC Design Pro can include a portfolio of sample sites that have been individually ...view middle of the document...

LTC Design Pro also can provide the “meat” of our client’s web site by interacting with their business representatives and making the best titles, headings, and information that get the business point across to customers and potential customers. LTC Design Pro content writers are very mixed and have knowledge on topics from NASCAR to dentistry to cake decorating! LTC Design Pro can provide full service content writing or just cater to clients’ special needs.
For the long term, we will continue to monitor each contracted site to ensure that it remains one of the leading sites in search engine ranking. The staff of LTC Design Pro is well suited to this firm due to the high level of HTML knowledge, technical backgrounds and certifications, and JavaScript knowledge. Each team member can enhance the HTML programming to respond to customer needs. Having this knowledge plays a key role in providing web design and content optimization.
The hiring process was completed by going out and searching websites like and, as well as student contacts, for the exceptional talent from UOP students.
LTC Design hired an Office Manager, Cathy “Cat” Beard, to carry out the day-to-day administration of the office. She will handle taking telephone calls, perform routine administrative bookkeeping and filing, and will also act as an administrative assistant to the sales team (helping with faxing proposals, proofreading, etc.) Her position will be one of the key players in running the operations of LTC Design. As an office manager, she will carry a lot of responsibility and will be very impressionable upon clients. Careful consideration has gone into the selection of the person filling this role.
Soon after Cat joined the company, we hired a web programmer, Mark Buckley, to handle specific issues regarding the actual programming, and towork closely with our Web Master, Thomas Trimpey. Both of these positions, Web Master and Web Programmer, could almost carry the load of each other’s position because the requirements for both positions require expertise in programming. However, they also both have their special area of specialty; hence the reason for both positions. When the Internet was young, it was almost a web page programmer’s dream to aspire to the position of the awesome…Web Master! As fate would have it, each step in the evolution of the Internet drove the position of Web Master and programmer further apart.
The Web Master deals mainly with the public: the users of the web site. Each link has to work flawlessly and users who are disappointed in the site need to have an avenue to vent their frustration…and let the company know if links are down or are inaccurate.
The Web Programmer gets deeper into the code, and has the daunting task of ensuring the intended audience can access the web site no matter what operating system or browser they choose, as well as compliance with accessibility requirements.
Having two positions that know the code will...

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