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Kulder Fine Foods Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods

February 10, 2013

Kudler Fine Foods
There are five types of information systems and all are very important to any company. The first type of information system is an Office Information Systems. An office information system enhances employee communication and increases work flow. The second type of information system is a Transaction Processing System. A transaction processing system captures and processes the important information throughout the day. The third type of information system is a Management Information System. A Management Information System processes important reports to help managers control every aspect of day to day operations. Fourth type ...view middle of the document...

Knowing all this information we can now take a look at Kulder Fine Foods. This system is very important to them in creating a schedule for their employees. Without have a system like this emplace the company may have too many employees on one day and not enough on another day. This type of system will also help with pay checks. With the created schedule management can compare the employee’s time sheet with the schedule to make sure there are no errors.
Another way Kudler Fine Foods uses the system is to keep track of merchandise being sold to the many customers. After the purchases have been made the system will automatically print out a receipt showing what was bought, how much was bought, and the price that was paid. Many customers keep theses receipts for their own records. Some Transaction Systems will even print out the price of one item and show how many of that one item was bought. Kulder Fine Foods puts a lot into their business and will do the same for their customers. Keeping a customer happy is a big goal for their business. They can use the Transaction Processing System to print out thank you notes to their most loyal customers and even put in special coupons for them. Not every...

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