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Kudler Fine's Food: Operation Management Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods: Operations Management


MMPBL/502 – Managing the Business Enterprise
University of Phoenix

Kudler Fine Foods: Operations Management

Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty gourmet food company. Their goal is to provide every customer with the best food products from wines, domestic products, and fresh organic foods. Kathy the CEO of the company wants to expand their business by contracting with local growers so they can provide Kudler Fine Foods with the best available organic products out there. By being able to have a huge organic section in all three stores will increase the company’s operational efficiency and retail sales. These ...view middle of the document...

The managers order off inventory and customer requests. With the new changes, the managers will be able to have a better control through the local growers and it would be beneficial because they are able to purchase through local growers that would give them a better processing flow and a cost savings for the company.
Kudler Fine Foods new inventory system would allow them to build a good sound business relationship with the local growers and give them a better inventory system from the local growers versus the other supplier, which can be unpredictable at times. With the local growers, there will be more stable inventory and purchasing power from the local growers that would be more consistence. With Kudler Fine Foods buying organic products from the local growers, they will be able to meet the demands from the customers and be able to provide fresh product to the customer. The old system Kudler Fine Foods was using, sometimes put them in a bad position to where they had perishable in the store too long and they spoiled. Those signs where a negative look on the store when the customer came into purchase organic product. With the new system they can increase their chances to satisfy the customer on a visual stand point (Perception is reality). Kudler Fine Foods wants to make sure the customer is satisfied when they make a purchase.
Currently Kudler Fine Foods operating system will not be able to meet the new changes the company is about to start. Their computer system, inventory tracking, purchasing, equipment training, communication, and quality control system will need to take a major shape up in the three stores. Implementing the new changes to the process will allow the mangers to forecast better when purchasing product from the local growers throughout the year. They will be able to look a back historical data from the inventory tracking system. Their computer system will also be able to handle muti-tasking during operating hours and handle every responsibility’s during the day. Most important they will be...

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