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Kudler Fine Foods System Reveiw Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods Systems Review

Laura Facino


June 9, 2013
Nancy Mingus
Kudler fine foods employees approximately 140 employees across three stores including administration staff (Apollo Group, 2010). The current human resources (HR) and payroll systems are under review to increase productivity, security of information, and employee access. A fully computerized, integrated system between the three stores will enable the current HR and payroll personnel to track better and store employee information, streamline timekeeping, track training, control manager access, and allow employees access to benefits and other information. Brenda Wagner, the current ...view middle of the document...

The current systems are disconnected with information stored in multiple locations and not easily accessible by administrative staff or employees. Because Kudler Fine Foods has a current relationship with Intuit outsourcing payroll software and POS systems, it is recommended to integrate additional modules for timekeeping, workers compensation, human resources management, and employee access. “There is a lot of functionality companies can use in their existing suites with which they have relationships” (Industry Week, 2007, p.46).
they have relationships.
Payroll System
The current processing of new and current employee payroll changes and timekeeping systems should be computerized with access through reporting. Each store can be equipped with a scanner that will allow scanning of all payroll or tax documents to be sent to the accounting clerk who then verify and input information into the Intuit payroll system. Scanned documents can be stored and backed up electronically for future retrieval. Timekeeping can be computerized by adding the Online Time Tracking module by Intuit to the Kudler computer systems. This creates an online time clock that allows employees to clock in and out from any computer in the store. This is fully integrated with the current payroll system and will automatically calculate overtime correctly per state laws. Managers and the payroll clerk can monitor entries for errors and adjust quickly while entering vacation and sick requests with the totals reported on each employee paycheck (Intuit Payroll, 2013). This will reduce costly entry errors and keep Kudler in compliance with state laws.
For only $1.50 per employee, Kudler can add ViewMyPaycheck service to the time keeping module. This allows employees to access their paycheck information from any computer through a secure, password protected website. This gives employees real-time access to pay and time documents without needing to make a special request to human resources (Intuit App Center, 2013).
Workers compensation is handled by a third party vendor with no integration into current human resources or payroll systems. By adding a workers compensation module that integrates with the current payroll system, workers compensation expenses can be calculated properly and eliminate over or underpayment issues. Intuits’ Pay as You Go workers compensation service will allow Kudler to pay only what is due based on current payroll information. Intuit will automatically calculate and submit the correct payment to the state. Instead of projecting an annual salary amount and paying a fee based on this number only to be audited at the end of the year, the proper amount will be calculated on monthly information (Intuit Workers Compensation, 2013). This process eliminates possible errors and end of the year additional charges. This will save Kudler Fine Foods each month on workers compensation expenses.
Human Resources System
Human resources management...

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