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Kudler Fine Foods Strategic Planning Essay

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Kudler strageKudler Fine Foods founded by Kathy Kudler because the weary of the constant stressed from corporate life and started in search for another opportunity that relieve herself overwhelmed pressure. Kudler Fine Foods established three specialty food store located in San Diego metro area that serves the best domestic and imported fine food to bring a unique gourmet experience to local customers. “Kudler Fine Food's mission is to provide our customers the finest in selected foodstuffs, wines, and related needs in an unparalleled consumer environment“(Apollo Group, 2012). Kudler Fine Foods has experienced tremendous growth and expanded the services and retain loyal customer, Kudler ...view middle of the document...

This program will be beneficial from integrating CRM system with web services to track and manage customer rewards and to network with customer and their friends. The CRM system maintains customer’s personal information as well as the number of referrals and rewards that will also determine the account level, and this allows Kudler to reward active customers who has wide social network to bring in more friends. The web service allows customers with certain account level to arrange and schedule in-home cooking parties, and Kudler can send out mass e-mail of alert to customers for potential in-store parties, classes, or contests.
The Frequent Shopper Program is designed to reward customers for their shopping behavior, and it uses loyalty points that can be used to redeem high end items, specialty foods, and airline first-class upgrades (Apollo Group, 2012). Kudler believes customer come to Kudler Fine Foods for the quality and specialized items instead of price difference, and so by offering discounts would not be rewarding as high end items. This program closely depends on the CRM system to track customers shopping behavior to determine the type of customers. The CRM system can monitor what items the customer frequently shops, the price, brand, and food category can be used to make that determination. The rewards...

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