Kudler Fine Foods Strategic Plan Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods Strategic Plan
Executive Summary

      The management team of KFF have undertaken a goal of developing a new strategic plan to capture the new direction of the company. The strategic plan will include a new mission statement, a new vision statement, and a new value statement. One of the steps to be taken to redefine the direction of the company is to perform an environmental scan. An internal and an external environmental scan will be performed to understand the important information necessary to move the company in the correct direction.
      For a project as large and important as redefining the company direction, tools will be used to organize the endeavor. These ...view middle of the document...

The stores provide a single place to purchase fine wines, foods, meats, vegetables, and fruits. A single person owns the stores, so the strategic implementation necessary to update the direction of the company is the responsibility of the owner, and not a number of shareholders. The owner and management team have undertaken to revise the strategic plan to stress modernization and growth. This paper will propose the new KFF strategic plan (Kudler Fine Foods Scenario, 2007).
Kudler Fine Foods Mission Statement
Stone (1996) explains that a mission statement should provide the company a direction, a focus, and unity. The KFF mission statement needs a revision to reflect the current direction and focus of the company. The proposed new KFF mission statement is as follows:
      Kudler Fine Foods is committed to expanding the company by opening new stores in ideal locations while continuing to provide the very best fresh foods and fine wines at affordable prices with friendly expert service to the customer.
The new mission statement for KFF will give the management team and employees the direction to continue providing expert service, fresh foods, fine wines, and continue to explore opportunities to expand into new markets.

Kudler Fine Foods Vision Statement
According to Lucas (1998), a vision statement must be the driving force of a company. The proposed new vision statement for KFF is as follows:
      Kudler Fine Foods will provide fresh, gourmet foods and fine wines at reasonable prices to customers.
Kudler Fine Foods Values Statement
The company values statement should impose a set of fundamental and strategically sound beliefs on a broad group of people, according to Lencioni (2002). The proposed new values statement for KFF is as follows:
      Kudler Fine Foods will only use the finest organic ingredients purchased from local farmers whenever possible. We will use only the freshest products without unnecessary additives in our products. We will donate stock in good condition to local shelters. We will provide the best service and information to customers, and we will be friendly while providing help. We will be the best choice for high quality foods and wines for our customers.
Environmental Scan
According to CPS Human Resource Services (2010), the first step in conducting an Environmental Scan of a company such as Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is to collect the relevant internal and external data that contributes to effects on the workforce. The Van Kempen Consultancy (2010) states that environmental scans may help a company understand the effects of factors prevalent in the environments and take action when necessary. In this paper, an environmental scan of Kudler Fine Foods will be discussed by examining the internal and external environment of the company.
Internal Environment
According to CPS Human Resource Services (2010), internal environmental factors include current workforce skills, education, retirement eligibility, other...

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