Kudler Fine Foods Overview And Problem Statement

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Kudler Fine Foods Problem Statement
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Kudler Fine Foods Overview
Kudler Fine Foods is “a premiere gourmet grocery store for savvy shoppers who are searching for the finest meats, produce, cheeses, and wine” (2003, p.3). Although without experience in the industry, Kathy fulfilled her vision of establishing her own gourmet food store in La Jolla. The business has been so successful she opened two other locations in Del Mar and Encinitas. Amongst all this growth, Kathy has plans to open another store in Carlsbad, but as it stands now, she already finds herself with little time to manage the existing stores. Kathy is a one woman show. She does everything from ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, Kudler will invest in a system to automate inventory tracking and purchasing. All these measures should free up Kathy’s time so she can focus on customer needs and achieving Kudler’s expansion goals.
Implementation Plan
Once Kathy has found the right person to work with her, implementing the plan will require several steps. The most important step will be to evaluate the Operating Agreement of Kudler and the existing accounting practice. It is imperative that the book is in compliance with the Operating Agreement. Secondly, the company’s current financial status will need to be evaluated and its cash position identified. Thirdly, a thorough cost analysis, expenditure forecast, and comparative analysis to identify cost savings will be performed. Analysis of existing inventory and the ordering processing will also be performed to facilitate creating an automated tracking and ordering system. This will be followed by evaluating of future growth and opportunity. Finally, the findings and solutions will be presented to Kathy along with helping her set goals and expectations, and making recommendations on how best to achieve those goals by developing policies and procedures.
Evaluation of Results
The steps in implementing this plan should serve to measure and support the stated end-vision of the company’s goals going forward. The plan...

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