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Kudler Fine Foods Marketing System Analysis

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Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Objectives

Kudler Fine Foods has a lot of ideas and processes in place to market their products. Kathy Kudler is aware of her target market, and has various avenues to reach out to her clientele. She wants to promote loyalty and keep her clients happy. Kathy knows that developing relationships with her customers is an important part of the marketing process. Currently there are three strategies that are being put into use by Kathy Kudler.
Expanding Services (Revenue Increase)
Kathy Kudler has implemented in-store promotions with local celebrities and famous chefs to show consumers how to prepare and serve the foods ...view middle of the document...

There is a good aspect of this in-home option and that is that the customer will invite many friends that can become future customers. The names of those guests can be put on a mailing list to receive specials, discounts, and other in-store promotions. A list of products with the store Website address can be handed out to the guests. At either function feedback or suggestions can be encouraged.
Frequent Shopper Program (Revenue Increase)
The frequent shopper program allows many ways for Kudler’s to advertise and market their high-end gourmet products and wines. “Kudler has partnered with a loyalty points program to provide customers with points which can be redeemed for high end gift items, airline first-class upgrades, or other specialty foods” (Apollo, 2011). Again the customer account information gathered from the CRM can help Kudler’s to decide what rewards will better fit their valued customers. Social Networks or a Kudler’s Blog can let customers know about this promotion.
Social Networks are a place where Kudler can have a place to offer customer feedback and suggestions. Kudlers can interact with their clientele by passing on promotions, answering questions, and generally socializing with them. The friends on the customer Social Network lists will also see Kudlers on the pages of their friends and interaction with Kudlers. This may make them want to check out the Kudler Facebook Page. A like button such as that used on Facebook would allow Kudler to track how many people are going to their FaceBook page. The address to their Website can be placed on Kudler’s FaceBook page along with pictures from the in-store promotion parties, photos of specialty foods, recipes and so on. The Website can then track how many people visit their Website through the Social Networks, how long they stay on the page, if they open an account, and if they make a purchase.
Increased Efficiency (Cost Reduction)
Kudler's wants to focus on internal (both front line and behind the scenes) processes, and how those can be improved to deliver increased value to the customer (Apollo Group Inc., 2011). Kudler is benchmarking Nordstrom department stores to compare their services and business processes to. Employee training programs are being looked at to educate the employees on new systems.
Kudler’s will be integrating new software systems to accomplish the goals and objectives they have set forth. “Marketing has encouraged the purchasing department to find ways to reduce costs of ordering foods and minimize the amount of food to be stored, while also having a zero stock out policy” (Apollo Group Inc.,...

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