Kudler Fine Foods Integrative Network Design Project

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Kudler Fine Foods Integrative Network Design Project
Gregory Harris
Fundamentals in Networking NTC/362
March 24, 2013
John Ho

Kudler Fine Foods Integrative Network Design Project

As previously discussed in prior papers, the main purpose of this project is to analyze the best way to upgrade the system at each location. Upgrading the technology will afford the company the benefit of having better communications internally at each location, as well as being able to communicate better from each branch. This will help to company to maintain a better system for such things as keeping inventory at a predetermined level. Recovering from any catastrophe in an ...view middle of the document...

After reviewing the possibilities for operating systems the choice came down to Microsoft Windows. There are a few reasons that this OS was chosen.
The main reason for choosing Windows is that most people are familiar with this as opposed to using a Mac OS. This makes it easier to train or retrain employees when the new procedures are rolled out. This method will include up to date wireless scanners for personnel to instantly report sales or inventory levels immediately to each locations. Using RFID technology will be a great tool in achieving this goal. The LANS will use Ethernet technology with routers that will be able to handle the expected amount of traffic over the network, and will allow room for company growth as it expands. Using the new topology over the one that is in place will allow for this transition, and allow an easier method to communicate not only with the portals within each store because the operation will be centralized using dumb terminals at each location.
Ethernet technology was chosen because it is cost effective. Routers, cabling and switches will help to facilitate such things as security through the use of passwords for employees. It will also help to restrict internet abuse by employees and visiting websites that are prohibited by the company. In order to ensure the integrity of the passwords they will be required to be changed every ninety days. There will be different levels of access based on the needs of each employee. There will be a security policy put in place that will prohibit employees from tampering...

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