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Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program

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Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program
Brian Musha, Darrell Jones, David Kress, Matthew DiMare, Jason Longo, Thomas Kunis
February 9, 2015
Robert Quintin

Team C has been tasked to develop a Customer Loyalty Program for frequent shoppers at Kudler Fine Foods. The program will consist of loyalty points that may be used by the frequent shoppers to purchase high value merchandise from the vendors of the loyalty points partner
program. The team has also been tasked to insure that the information collected from the frequent shoppers is securely protected from outsiders and others that may make the system vulnerable to threats. Team C will cover each step within ...view middle of the document...

Plan Timeline
The following timeline is proposed for the development and institution of the program and is displayed below:
* Begin high-level discussion on how to proceed with Loyalty Points Program to include:
* Outlining basics of program.
* Determining security considerations for program.
* Outlining development concerns and considerations.
* Decide on course of action for development process and have SDLC plan signed off by Senior Management.
* SDLC of the program officially begins.
* Program is brought fully online and operational at all locations.
This timeline is a high-level view of the development for the program. An outline of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLS) for the program can be found later in the report and will delve deeper into the details of the SDLC.

Kudler Fine Foods Top Known Threats Table
Area of System | Threats | Potential Vulnerability (weakness) |
Hardware | Hardware failure or Lack of hardware | Lack of security weaknesses in protocols and procedures. Ensure that all security options are explored on items like firewall and router as well as networking. |
| Outdated Hardware | Manufacturer no longer supports/updates for security risks. Ensure that the most current wireless encryption standards are used. |
| | |
| Backdoor attacks | Ensure that all loopholes with possible ports being opened are closed to reduce the risk of potential attacks from hackers. |
Software | Backdoor attacks | Flaws (lack of updates, patches) in Kudler Fine Foods Company software. |
| | |
| Virus | Updated security on all software platforms to the latest releases will help to minimize these types of threats. Viruses such a Trojan or worms are hard to stop. To stop these there needs to be virus-scanning software on each computer as well as a firewall. |
| Denial of Service (DoS) | Can lead to system being taken offline/crashed. DoS attacks happen when packets are flooded and a website or software cannot be viewed. To limit this we will need to ensure that our network is very strict about what computers can be online and attached to what service. |
| | |
| Software Exploitation | Software not kept up to date with latest patches to prevent known exploits. Systems will need to have a main server push updates to computers. This will ensure that the system stays up to date. By updating a sandboxed computer this will ensure that the system does not loose any functionality for the business. |
| | |
Data | Sniffing | Lack of encryption on the network. This could cause potential problems because our program would not run properly. To ensure this does not happen, there could be a database written on a central server that would need updated every evening. |
| Buffer overflow attack | Easy altering or manipulation of loyalty points code/program. This leads into what is said above with a database that is on a central server. |
Procedure |...

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