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Kudler Data Table Analysis

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Cathy Kudler, a successful business woman is running her own business, geographically spread across three different areas; based on fine foods since 1998. Kudler Fine Foods uses MS Access for payroll, revenue clientele, as well as inventory records and documentation.
Design Element
It is necessary to show the transactions and movements of various items through flow charts or in a similar illustrative way so that it can get its ...view middle of the document...

All of this should be in a complete manner that may prove to be a complete manual for the business conduct.

Data table on their web site and below Entity Relationship diagram are clearly in support of the process of decision making and pertinent improvement thereto. Based on accounting records the table makes the management up on decision making process. How is the table pertinent to that of accounting records containing the information? Clearly it depicts first off the cost centre namely Department 10 and codifies the items in turn, well sum and quantity direct one on the respective amounts given. Pivot Table also shows total quantity on hand and total amount in a given period

Entity Relationship Diagram of Kudler Fine Food Data Table

Kudler Database Diagram

The above diagram is constructed in such a way that links various items through Variable Characters numbered in a particular way, starting with the table designed for customer data is followed by a table stating information for orders duly codified and assigned a particular ID. The table is adroitly linked with Tax table and Tender that prettily is lin

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