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Kudler Data Analysis

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Kudler Fine Foods Data Table Analysis

Accounting Information Systems


Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty food store that caters to gourmet chefs in the San Diego metropolitan area. Kudler has three location including La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas. Kudler uses a straightforward and manageable database to track stores, inventory, customers, items, etc. The items sold at Kudler are highly perishable. Therefore, inventory is a concern at Kudler, it must be tracked precisely. This paper will evaluate the design elements of the inventory data table at Kudler from an accounting perspective and provide recommendations for improvement. A pivot table is provided ...view middle of the document...

According to Chapple (2010), an entity-relationship (ER) diagram is a specialized graphic that illustrates the interrelationships between entities in a database. An ER diagram is composed of entities, attributes, and relationships. An entity is an object of which data is stored. A relationship links two entities and is shown by drawing a line between them. The attributes are the data fields describing each entity. According to Bagranoff, Simkin, and Strand Norman (2008), the diagram consists of four symbols: rectangles, diamonds, ovals, and connecting lines. Rectangles represent entities, diamonds describe the nature of relationships, ovals denote an entity’s attributes, and connecting lines depict relationships. An ER diagram illustrating the inventory table for Kudler is attached. The diamonds and ovals are not a part of the diagram for simplicity. The entities and relationships at Kudler are shown in the ER diagram.

Recommend Improvements for the Data Table

The purpose of the inventory table at Kudler Fine Foods is to provide assistance with managing inventory and determining the availability of ingredients that go into prepared items (Kudler Fine Foods). The inventory table can be improved by displaying product inventory levels. The current table only displays the dollar amount of each item in inventory. By displaying inventory levels the user will be able to view easily the actual amount of inventory on the shelves. This will help to easily determine if they are over or under stocked and what items requires a discount to be moved. The user would then be able to quickly find and decipher the information while allowing him or her to make effective decisions.

The use of Pivot...

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