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26 July 1928, Stanley Kubrick, was born in New York City's Bronx neighborhood. Music at a young age, got curious about chess and photography. 17 years old, the famous photo magazine "Look" also began working as a photographer. Columbia University Lionel Trilling, Mark Van Doren, and like Moses Hadas attended classes given by renowned professors. Museum of Modern Art in any changes in the program was followed closely. Washington Square in New York City Marshal and Manhattan clubs, chess games of fortune did.

Kubrick's first film essay, "Day of the Fight" with the name in 1950, he led all the money accumulated to date, boxer Walter Cartier subject of a documentary ...view middle of the document...

Kirk Douglas in the film until they all agreed to play the movie studios rejected it. The result was Kubrick's first classic film.

Kubrick spent the next few years working on projects geçiremediği life. They are scheduled to play Kirk Douglas 'I Stole 16 Million Dollars,' and any other area subject to the American Civil War senaryoydu. In addition, 6 months, along with Marlon Brando, 'One Eyed Jacks' also worked with Brando for the film has decided to manage the film itself.

In 1959, Kirk Douglas 'Spartacus' had assumed the film producer. Filming begins in two weeks after the director Anthony Mann was fired and Douglas, Kubrick's film has offered to manage. Kubrick's film that same year won the Academy Awards a huge success. After Lolita'dan James B. Harris and Kubrick went separate ways. Harris became a director himself. In Kubrick, film producers decided to do itself.

Kubrick's Cold War novel Red Alert, and Dr. impressed. Stranglove a script adapted by. Film shown was a huge hit and the screenplay, Kubrick's Oscar-nominated director and producer fields. Kubrick's next plan was to make a film about Napoleon. But because the budget is too high it was.

Successful thanks to Kubrick's films, many newspaper and magazine articles about the private life of going out and never known them stressed. Kubrick, far away from Hollywood, the third wife, Christiane Harlan and the three largest outside London with her daughter sitting in a house. This is a great home office, and post-production studio at the same time as Kubrick used.

After the last two sci-fi film Kubrick changed the future direction and an adaptation of the novel by William Makepeace Thackery'nin 18 Century is the story of Barry did Lyndon'u. 11 million dollars, a huge success at the box office malolan not matter in this drama very well received by the critics. Film was nominated for seven Academy Awards. Kubrick also a writer, director and producer has been nominated for and win. Kubrick's next film 'Full Metal Jacket' was 7 years for the break. Although the vision behind the film Platoon to enter the famous as well as critics and the audience was seen as a great success. Despite all these, only the screenplay Oscar nomination.

Kubrick, Rolling Stone magazine in an interview in a strange way of life the subject of many rumors answered.

'Dr. Strangelove 'film prints can be made available on the disappearance of the original negatives created the best quality copy. May 1990, Martin Scorsese, Kubrick, Woody Allen, Francis Coppola, Steven Spielberg, Robert Redford, Sydney Pollack, with directors like George Lucas working on film preservation and renewal of...

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