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Krispy Kreme has been in the doughnut business for over 64 years and has been a specialty retailer for doughnuts from the very beginning. Krispy Kreme implements a differentiation strategy, attempting to distinguish their donuts based on taste, quality and simplicity. The company's goal since its infancy has been to satisfy customers by providing a unique experience. This bold strategy has differentiated them from their competition and created a competitive advantage. Customers are allowed to see how the doughnuts are made through the Doughnut Theatre then served the newly baked treats hot and fresh. The bright neon light that shines from every Krispy Kreme location reads "Hot Doughnuts ...view middle of the document...

The product is not a necessity in hard times and external environmental conditions could hurt consumer's willingness to buy.Krispy Kreme will encounter many indirect and direct challenges as it continues to increase its market share across the globe. Recent improvements in IT have reduced mistakes in distribution and lowered the amount of computer malfunctions, but there is still room for improvement. Krispy Kreme will have to continue to supply the baking technology to their new factory stores which will be costly. Communication, along with the distribution of production technology and needed ingredients to each individual store can be difficult. Preserving order will be possible only through identifying certain technologies that will assist in the process of distribution and communication.With the recent upgrades, the employees must be able to operate the new technology without experiencing problems that could damage consumer confidence in the company.Another challenge to Krispy Kreme is the lack of publicity through advertisements. Krispy Kreme depends solely on name recognition and reputation of its business. By choosing to not spend its money on commercials, they risk the chance of having no recognition in certain areas. Moreover, McDonald has a great relationship with its younger consumer base though its mascot and Starbucks has worked out deals with Barnes and Noble to have its coffee shops located inside the bookstore. This way people do not just have to get their coffee and leave, they can relax and read at the same time. Krispy Kreme offers none of these benefits. One of the major problems in their current...

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Krispy Kreme Essay

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2737 words - 11 pages IX.Appendices  A.Financial Analysis and Selected Tables [pic][pic]  KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS, INC.: A CASE ANALYSIS27According to a financial statement filed by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. filed 10/31/06for the Period Ending 01/29/06, lower average weekly sales had a disproportionatelyadverse impact on company store profitability due to the significant fixed or semi-fixed, asa result, the Company closed 14 stores in fiscal 2005 and 47 stores

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