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Korean Housing Essay

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Korean housing
Park Taek Sik

Korea has a peculiar system of housing which is really hard to find in other countries. A man, whichever country he may live in, wants to buy a beautiful house and live there. The first choice for living in a house is to buy a house if possible and the second choice, if not possible, is then to rent a house. In most countries, people choose to rent a house and pay for the monthly rent fee. This is the most usual way all over the world. But strangely, the second choice in Korea is something quite different from the choice in other countries. Besides this main difference concerning the rent fee payment system, there are also other differences concerning the ...view middle of the document...

They get the whole money back as a tenant. This system may be something that does not make sense at all to people outside Korea. But, anyway, for most people who do not have much money, this is a wonderful system letting them secure a living space. And Korean system seems better than America’s in this respect. But the truth is that now many scholars in Korea worry about the present Korean housing system. For example, a person who owns a house leases his house, and then with the lease money, he buys another house after borrowing some money from the bank. This system has made it easier for a house owner to increase his wealth because the price of houses has been soaring up steadily. But after the rise in prices of houses reached its limit and became stagnant, the tension between a house owner and a tenant became serious. The American system of paying the rent fee seems not favorable to each tenant when compared to the Korean system. But on the contrary, the system that requires people to pay for whatever they get is the very basis for the righteous economic justice. The problems caused by this kind of economic unbalance are somehow more serious in Korea than in America. The two systems should not be compared simply by the superficial aspects only, accordingly.
Second, the inner structure of a house is quite different from each other. In most Korean houses, all the rooms, including the living room, have a wooden floor with no carpet while American house rooms and halls are all...

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