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Korean Conflict Essay

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During the Korean War, one of the bloodiest wars in history, the U.S. dominated United Nations armed forces gave military aid to South Korea; by resisting the invasion of its northern counter part. However, North Korea was supported by the USSR (The Soviet Union) and China ( /korea/home.html). The war was ended by a military armistice, which divided the Korean peninsula into two separate parts along the 38th parallel. Until now, the U.S. has shown great interest for the permanent peace throughout Korea. Its armed forces remain in South Korea to prevent any military action against the peace agreement declared on July 27, 1953 (The Korean War 124). The U.S. has also worked ...view middle of the document...

The people of the South Korea elected a national assembly and set up The Government Of The Republic Of Korea. North Korean Communists established the Democratic People's Republic of Korea ( U.S. reacted quickly to a sudden breakdown in the Korean peninsula, and tried to support the Republic of South Korea. The Communist leaders of North Korea had hoped to invade the South to place the Korean peninsula under the Communist rule. The withdrawal of U.S. Armies and a speech by the Secretary of State Dean Acheson on January 12, 1950, made South Korea outside of the U.S. defensive perimeter in the Pacific. It thus encouraged North Korea to take a military action-the Korean War began on June 25, 1950, when armed forces from Communist-ruled North Korea attacked South Korea (The Korean War 23). In the early morning of the day, the main attack with the Northern infantry and tanks came along the shortest distance between the 38th parallel and Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Only a few, poorly trained Southern soldiers, known as the ROKA, were soon overwhelmed by the outnumbering, Soviet-trained North Korean forces (The Korean War 28). Reacting to reports on the initial fighting, the United States asked for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the situation. The UN called the invasion a violation of international peace, and demanded that the Communists withdraw from South Korea. Because it seemed clear that the North Koreans desired to disregard the UN request, the UN asked its member nations to give military support to South Korea."The members of the United Nations furnish such assistance to the Republic of Korea as may be necessary to repel the armed attack and to restore international peace and security in the area" ( members of UN nations under the leadership of the U.S., sent armies to help South Korea and 41 countries provided military equipment, food, and other supplies ( the help of the United Nations, the U.S. eagerly mobilized the armed forces and entered the Korean War. The quick and complete collapse of the resistance in South Korea motivated United States to enter the war in great force. The secretary of State, first name Acheson, demanded that U.S. should increase military aid to the ROK and provide air protection for the American's escape from Korea (The Korean War 47). To prevent the Communist Chinese attack, Acheson requested president Truman to move the U.S. Seventh Fleet into the Formosa Strait, placed in Taiwan. UN support for the defense of South Korea helped Truman and Acheson to gain public support for U.S. intervention. The UN Security Council passed a resolution declaring that all the member nations committing committed in providing a military aid to South Korea make military forces and assist the United States. From this assertion, President Truman became the executive agent...

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