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Kodak Case Study

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Team U
Kodak Case Study
6 July 2010

Provide an overview of the case and the environment that video cameras are competing in today

• Historical: Camcorder sales are traditionally dwarfed by “Still”, or
Point-n-click cameras
• Digital Still Cameras account for 95% of camera market space
• Est. 60m digital cameras sold per year
• Est. 4m video cameras, or camcorders sold per year
• Still a multi-billion dollar industry
• Point-n-clip video records, or “mini cameras”, lead by “FLIP VIDEO” created a surge and have rejuvenated the camcorder market segment
• Flip Video is seen as a pioneer in the video camera market
• Consumer friendly video solutions
• Easy to ...view middle of the document...

Which segment(s) that you identified in question 2 above should the Zi8 be targeted to?

This product reaches all age demographics, however primary focus should be applied to age groups 18-35.
• These users are more familiar with social networking sites and youtube, which the Zi8’s ease of use makes it very compatible.
• Most families are started in this age group as well, so popular videos taken like “Baby’s first steps” or “Baby’s first birthday” would make this product perfect.
• College students would prefer this product over using their cell phones for videos because:
• most likely used at party’s or sporting events, you would not drain your cell phone battery taking videos and increased picture/video quality for long range use.
• small enough to carry around without looking like a dork hauling around your “dad’s camcorder.”
• explosion of youtube/collegehumor/ would make all college “moments” easily attainable regardless of location.

What other service(s) or product(s) would you recommend to Kodak to launch in the video camera/camera market? Please discuss the rationale for your recommendation(s).

The optional products and services are: 
• Optional lenses for the more high end user/professionals.
• Kodak’s own external microphone built specifically for the Zi8.
• A battery with...

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