Knowledge System Assignment

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Knowledge systems
Knowledge Systems

“Clicks” Knowledge System

Ship docking for re-fit


(Outer doors working yes) (Inner doors working yes)
(Inner doors working no) (Inner doors working no)
(Outer doors down-inner doors up)

(Both flooding doors working yes)
(Both flooding doors working no)
(Both flooding doors up)
(Both flooding doors down)

(Does caisson float yes?) (Does caisson float no?)
(Does caisson sink yes?) (Does caisson sink no?)
(Caisson to float)

(If yes move caisson from dock entrance then (move ship))
(If no (move ship only when yes))

(Ship in position yes)
(Ship in position no)

(If yes move caisson back into dock entrance ...view middle of the document...

My two diagrams are how I see the database of the program would look like. How that actually works into a program, I feel it would look something like the coding that I have shown. Maybe the words or how things are put into order. If I was used to working out a program, then I am sure things could be easier to work out. Knowledge systems are very intricate and detailed systems to help make things work; they are a very intelligent program to help in the diagnostic of normal or abnormal problems.

I am sure these systems will not only be taking us to Mars and the Stars, I feel the first route will be to make robots that will use this system to make them more user friendly than they are at the moment. Our cars already have these systems incorporated into them to make servicing them a lot easier and to keep DIY mechanics away from working on cars like they used to.

Paul Greenwood

Check with pump house water pressure for doors

Inform tug to remove caisson from dock entrance

Check water level in sinking tank.
Use extra air pressure to remove water

Replace caisson in dock entrance in line with grooves

Check that the flooding doors are fully opened, including inner and outer drainage doors

Preparing dry dock for docking
Ship ready for re-fit







Make sure door is not sitting on rest-raise door hold rest handle- lower door




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