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Knowledge Of Business Essay

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E-commerce project
1.0 Objective and strategy
1. To understand the concept of E-commerce, internet information system and also hardware and software and how to manage information system.
* To know and how to develop applying business e-commerce
* To know method purchasing goods in online.
2. Swot analysis
* Strength: strong finance, quality product and strong customer satisfaction in online.
* Weakness: high price as compared to others but it is good quality and have reliable products.
* Opportunity: Toshiba E-commerce can expend its market share by introducing many brands in new market.
* Threats: some competitors offer products at low price as the economy falling down, the customers are more attracting towards the product of low price, so those competitors can take away market share of ...view middle of the document...

3. Our target customers are global people especially students, workers and so on.
4. Our competitors are: Dell, HP and Samsung.
5. Our organisation is different from others in terms of management and in terms of production.
6. People shop at our online Toshiba laptop, Toshiba camera and Toshiba refrigerator. And our price is normal price and we give our customers possible discount.
3.0 Content/ functionality
1. Three main sections and each section and have subsections and each section have one page.
2. Yes, we consider search tool, because searching can help to our customer to find their needs easily.
3. Yes, we support multiple language and multiple currencies.
4.0 Product
1. Three products
2. Four categories.
3. Yes, we provide product description because our customers want to know more about the product description.
4. By online
5.0 Pricing
1. No, the price is not the same but it depends on customer choices.
2. Our pricing strategy is high price but quality product.

6.0 Ordering
1. Yes, we will build customer order form. Yes we want to let the customers to specify the component of the products they want to purchase.
2. Yes, we plan to allow our customers to ask about product questions. We can guide our customers through decision making process directly by listening their suggestions regarding the products.
3. Yes, we enable them to register users or groups to save permanent shopping list.
4. No, we don’t offer any sales.
5. We can notify them through our websites.
7.0 Payment method.
1. Payment methods are through master card, visa card and PayPal card.
2. The guidelines that the customers should follow during making payment is:
* Filling the form
* Selecting method of payment
8.0 Terms and conditions
1. No, there is no return policy according to our laws.
2. Our delivering System takes on One Week.

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