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Knowledge Economy Essay

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Malaysia ranks higher in intangible assets

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia was ranked 23rd in the world last year for intangible assets’ contribution to enterprise value, albeit a steep decline from 43% to 14%, compared with 29th in 2007, says independent brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance plc chief executive officer David Haigh.
He said the total value of Malaysia’s 50 largest brands and brand portfolios was RM61bil for 2008, representing a 5.8% decline from 2007’s figure.
“Petronas retains the title of being the most valuable Malaysian brand for the third year running with brand portfolio value of RM10.7bil, while AirAsia is recognised as the best performing Malaysian brand for ...view middle of the document...

The recent Global Emerging Markets Summit in London shows the increasing efforts to promote Malaysian brands worldwide,” he said.
Haigh further said that now was a good time for Malaysian companies with strong cash positions to increase their value through acquisition of foreign companies with valuable synergies to prepare them for an upturn in the economy.


The above article discusses about the intangible assets of Malaysia. Intangible assets are assets that cannot be seen, touched or physically measured but it is identifiable. Intangible assets which are created or produced from research and development contribute greatly in a knowledge based economy.

Intangible assets can be divided into two types of category. The first one is known as legal intangible, legal intangible carries legal property rights which are defensible in court. Examples of intangible are copyrights, patents, trademarks and also goodwill. The second type of intangible asset is called competitive intangibles. Competitive intangibles on the other hand focus on effectiveness, wastage, opportunity costs and also productivity. Human...

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