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Knowledge And Innovation Essay

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2.3 Knowledge and Innovation of the company( IV1 and DV)
Knowledge is important in our entire life. Knowledge is referred to understanding of a fact or truth (Anonymous,2016). Besides that, knowledge is also meant by what is learned by a person. It is also defined as the information or skills which a person get from his or her experience and education(Anonymous,2016). Furthermore, knowledge also defined as the information combined with experience, context and interpretation (Marianne Gloet Milé Terziovski, 2004, p.203). Through the learning process, knowledge is developed. It is because when we are in learning process, we will gain some knowledge that we never understand before. In ...view middle of the document...

698), if the employees not willing to share the knowledge, then the company cannot create new ideas through knowledge sharing. Therefore, the company need knowledge to create new ideas and innovate. According to Alice H.Y.Hon, Steven S. Lui(2016,p.866), high innovation failure rate may occurs if the company has limited knowledge. Therefore, when a company utilize the more knowledge they have, they will create more unique products or services so that generally they will have greater innovations. According to Henri Tapio Inkinen Aino Kianto Mika Vanhala (2015, p.437), the key factors in reaching a high degree of innovation performance are highly creative, skilled, and experienced employees complement with well-structured networks of the company’s clients. According to Rıfat Kamaşak Füsun Bulutlar (2010, p.308), Innovation depends heavily on the accumulation of knowledge.
H1 : There is a positive relationship between knowledge(IV1) and innovation of the company(DV).

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