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It can be very challenging for an adult returning into further education as many will not have been in a learning environment for some time. There will be many different personalities and learning styles within the group of learners and each learner will bring different skills, experiences and knowledge into the classroom. It is the teacher’s responsibility to make teaching and learning effective and they will need to know the learner as much as possible. A teacher is responsible for meeting the needs of different individuals or different groups of students who are learning together at any time. It is essential that a teacher must find a method of differentiating between ...view middle of the document...

According to David Kolb, the learning cycle consists of four stages: experiencing, reflecting, thinking and acting. Kolb believed that the learner had to follow the cycles in the order as per the model below (

Honey and Mumford further developed Kolb’s model by identifying that different people preferred to learn using different parts of Kolb’s model and they substituted terms “reflector” for diverges (reflective observation), “theorist” for assimilators (abstract conceptualization), “pragmatist” for converges (concrete experience), and “activist” for accommodators (active experimentation). In addition, the new labels have slightly different meanings as per the model below:

B) Analyse the value of the tools identified:
The learning styles questionnaire and the VAK test are the tools we use within our workplace. Both the learning styles questionnaire and the VAK test can be carried out after the initial interview and the paper based and computer based assessments. As we do not all learn in the same way and do not receive information that is given to us in the same way I believe that completing both these assessment are useful tools for both the teacher and learner as it will recognise the preferred learning style specific to the individual. A teacher having an understanding of the individual learners learning styles would help them when developing a scheme of work.
Brief description of what learning styles mean:
Learning style

Are ‘hands-on’ learners and prefer to have a go and learn through trial and error
Are ‘tell me’ learners and prefer to be thoroughly briefed before proceeding
Theorists Are ‘convince me’ learners and want reassurance that a project makes sense
Are ‘show me’ learners and want a demonstration from acknowledged experts.

Brief description of what VAK styles mean:
Learning style
Learning/teaching aids...

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