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Kite Runner Essay

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1. Why is Farid treating Amir differently now?

2. Why were “fathers a rare commodity in Afghanistan”?

Fathers were a rare commodity in Afghanistan because during the war it was the mean that went out to fight. They were looked at called out to fight for their country and to keep their families safe. Afghanistan like many countries in this sense because when there is a war they look for men to stand up and fight. With war deaths come, so if fathers are the ones fighting the war. It is them dying and being injured and going missing. So there was less fathers around in the time of wars.

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It is a cultural belief that women stay at home and raise the children and do not work.  This has contributed to a severe problem in war-torn Afghanistan where there is a high number of orphans because many men are being killed through the unrest there.

6. Why did Farid become so upset with the orphanage director?

Farid became so upset with the orphanage director because the children don’t have enough food to eat, and they live in bad conditions.

7. What was Zaman’s excuse for his behaviour?

Zaman’s excuse for his behaviour was that he couldn’t do anything since the Taliban’s were forcing this.

1. Why were the houses in Amir’s old neighbourhood still in good shape?

2. What did Amir need to see the most near his house?

Amir needed to see the pomegranate tree the most near his house.

3. What made Amir, stop laughing and think that maybe Afghanistan was a hopeless place?

4. What was the half time show for the soccer game?

Taliban in red pickups drive into the stadium. They unload a blindfolded man from one truck and a blindfolded woman from the other and bury each up to the chest in a hole on the field. The woman is screaming uncontrollably. The soccer game resumes.

5. What crime did the couple commit?

The crime that the couple committed was that the man shaved his beard, and the woman worked.

6. What was their punishment?

Their punishment was death.

7. Who was the executioner?

The executioner was either the Taliban or John Lennon.

1. What does Amir notice about the “John Lennon’s” arm?

Amir noticed about “John Lennon’s” arm is that he has track marks on his arm from drug use.

2. What did “John Lennon” notice about Amir?

3. What has happened to Sohrab?

Sohrab got abused by the Taliban’s.

4. Who did “John Lennon” turn out to be?

“John Lennon” turned out to be Assef.

5. Assef said Amir could take Sohrab on one condition. What was that condition and why?

6. What did Assef tell his guards when he asked them to leave?

7. What happened?

8. Why did Amir laugh? How does this echo events in Assef’s past?

9. Explain how everything came full circle. Was it ironic?

1. Describe Amir’s injuries.

Amir got cuts and lacerations to the face, broken ribs, broken jaw, broken eye socket, punctured lung, split lip, and broken teeth.

2. Which of Amir’s injuries was ironic? Why?

The split lip was ironic because it made him look like Hassan who was hare clipped.

3. What did Sohrab say when Amir introduced himself?

4. Why did Amir tell Sohrab the truth about his relationship with Hassan?

Amir told Sohrab the truth about his relationship with Hassan because Sohrab would accept him, because Amir wanted to adopt Sohrab like his son. With family there are no secrets. Sohrab was reluctant at first to trust...

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