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Kissing The Rain Essay

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Book Review of Kissing the Rain
Kissing the rain by Kevin Brooks is not only an intriguing and different read, but it also has an element of cynicism and unpredictability to it. The theme of the story is that sometimes in life the harshest of actions are necessary for survival. This is consistent with real life; however the story uses a very extreme example of this. The specific example Kevin Brooks’ uses will almost never be used by anyone in reality; although the idea itself may be used by people quite often. Overall, Kevin Brooks wrote a great book that most people will probably enjoy reading.
“I coulda thrown him off the bridge. Yeh, see how SMART he is then… see how smart he is with ...view middle of the document...

Kevin Brook’s style of writing in this story is unique and creates the desired effect; however it is quite confusing at times. The style of writing is similar to that you might find of an average student in elementary school. The reason he chose this style of writing is to show how the protagonist does not particularly excel in his school and studies. In fact, he does not even come close. This works well because the story takes place from the view of the protagonist. The style of writing is good and does make the story more interesting, but is much too confusing at times. “...made me latefor art. then bowker done me after scholl again.” (pg 51) This clearly shows the effect Kevin Brooks makes with his writing; how it is both affective in getting his point across but also quite annoying to read, as it makes you double check what you just read.
The main plot in this mystery/thriller story is both magnificent and hooking; Michael Nelson takes you to a world you have never been to before. You will live his world and even feel his pain. Kevin Brooks does a great job illustrating every detail of his world through the use of onomatopoeia and imagery. “It’s just that time-you know, the dead of night. The coldest and darkest and stillest time. The time when time stands still and nothing moves and your blood is black as hell. See? It GETS to you.” (pg. 100) This quote shows Kevin Brooks’ amazing ability to...

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