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King Henry Essay

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In history there has been a multitude of leaders who obtain a helping, strong, and independent nation; there has also been leaders who do not fulfill the “perfect leader.” One man who has successfully governed England, to the fullest of his abilities goes down in history today, this man is, King Henry VIII. On June 28, 1491, Henry Tudor, King Henry VIII, was born in Greenwich Palace, in London, England. Henry was born to an affectionate family that delivered six other children, but only four children survived: Arthur, Margaret, Mary, and Henry. Henry VIII’s brother, Arthur, was the eldest of the Tudor family and Arthur’s father would bequeath his position and the royal title to Arthur. When ...view middle of the document...

After listening to Henry VIII’s argument, Pope Clement VIII was stuck in a quandary. The church denied King Henry the annulment of his marriage making him infuriated with the Catholic Church, leading to his revolt against the church and Henry taking over the religious community (Ford 7).

King Henry appoint a new archbishop, Thomas Cranmer, who later annulled Henry’s marriage to Catherine, allowing Henry VIII to marry six more times (Ellis 352). Catherine had given birth to three sons whom did not survive for more then a week. The only child Catherine gave birth to with King Henry that survived through childbirth was their daughter Mary, who could not take King Henry’s place as ruler of the throne, for she was a woman. King Henry’s reasoning behind why he constantly was divorcing his betrothed was because they would not bare him a son to take over Henry’s place on the throne. Henry married six more times hoping to be blessed with a son, but this did not occur until his sixth marriage, when Edward VI was born. Throughout this progression King Henry VIII beheaded wife numbers two and five because they gave birth to strictly females. King Henry accepted as truth that the woman was the main problem in why Henry VIII and his multiple wives could not conceive a male child. It was the wives fault that would result in him either leaving them or slaughtering them.
King Henry VIII was best known for his commitment to England and the citizens living in the country. King Henry VIII introduced England’s education system to the arts and sciences (Ford 93). By doing so, Henry VIII developed England into a resilient and more independent civilization. King Henry VIII was such an important leader in English history because Henry VIII led England into war against many...

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