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Kinds Of Letters Essay

1255 words - 6 pages

Dated: 27.10.2006

Ref: FDH/06-07/106

The S.H.O.
Police Station I.P. Estate
New Delhi

Ref: Your F.I.R. No.452 Dt.26.08.2006

Dear sir,
Our Vehicle No.DL-1L-G-2943 met with accident on 26.08.2006.And the
Time of F.I.R. our driver inform the concern IO his name is
Ramu S/o Shri Raj Karan Singh where as his nick name is Ramu but his actual name is Vikrant Singh S/o Shri Raj Karan Singh Holding driving lience No. V-1115/F/o4.

You are request to please correct your record and obliged.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
For Flora Dyeing House Pvt.Ltd.


...view middle of the document...

We hope that same in order.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

For Flora Woollen Mills Pvt.Ltd.

Authorized signatory



Dear Sir,

I, the undersigned respectfully beg to submit my resignation without any
Conditions/reservations from the post of Account Officer of the company
On account of my personal problems and reasons.

I, further request the management of the company to kindly accept my resignation in its true perspective(with effect from the date of this letter)
And relieve me from my duties/responsibilities as a account officer of the company.

Thanking you and oblige,

Yours faithfully,

(Manoj Kumar sharma)
Account Officer


FDHPL/RI/CW/2007 09-02-2007

11,vinod chamber.1st floor,
opp.dariapur darwaja,
PH.NO. 079-22172256



Dear Sir,

With reference to subject we would like to placed our confirm order for
(2) two sets cone winder as per specification given bellow:-

Description Qty Rate Taxes/ Net value
1. Cone winding machine with
Bakelite Drum 5X57 finger
type holder complete set one 562500.00 30046.00 592546.00
2. winding machine for soft
dye spring size 54MM with
bakelite drum complete set one 562500.00 30046.00 592546.00
TOTAL 1185092.00
you are requested kindly arrange to deliver the above said machine on 15-04-2007.
Delivery/billing address:-FLORA DYEING HOUSE PVT.LTD..
CST.NO.11711 DT.16-07-2004/ TIN NO.06703011711

Thanking you For Flora Dyeing House


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