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Killer Whales Essay

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12 November 2013
Is Killer Really the Right Word?
“1961 first orca is captured and taken to the Marineland of the Pacific Park in Los Angeles. She dies a day later after repeatedly swimming around her pool at high speed and ramming into the sides” (Smith). Killer whales are a very large and powerful animal like any other wild animal, they can be unpredictable. Killer whales are beautiful creatures. The experience of seeing a killer whale for the first time is breath taking. My grandparents took me to SeaWorld in Orlando was I was 8, and after seeing a killer whale I was hooked. After going back many times it influenced me to want to become a whale trainer. As years have gone on ...view middle of the document...

Jack Hanna is a Wild Life Expert and board member for SeaWorld-Busch Gardens Conservation Fund says, “If we were to take killer whales out of captivity they would not survive being in the wild for more than two or three days at the most” (Anderson). Hanna also says if anyone was knowledgeable about whales, people would know that it is impossible to put a whale back into the wild after thirty years (Anderson). A SeaWorld trainer, Michael Scarpuzzi refutes about the documentary Blackfish. The articles says how many efforts that were done by SeaWorld were not recognized, and not one trainer spoke a bit about education (Scarpuzzi). Scarpuzzi says “Not one word about the thousands of ill, orphaned and injured animals rescued by SeaWorld or the millions of dollars we dedicated to supporting conservation and research” (Scarpuzzi).
The solution is very simple we create sanctuaries for these animals. Blackfish is a documentary produced by Gabriela Cowperthwaite she suggest that we create these sanctuaries for captive killer whales. Cowperthwaite says “Since captive whales can’t be tossed back in the ocean (they don’t know how to hunt live fish, their teeth are destroyed from biting on metal gates, many are on antibiotics), the sea sanctuary alternative, where we cordon off an ocean cove with a net, would allow a killer whale to be fed by humans if necessary and would allow the animal’s health to be monitored” (Cowperthwaite). This could not be a simpler solution killer whales are literally dying for the space. Naomi Rose is a whale biologist and co-author of a Humane Society paper is against killer whales in captivity. Rose states “Sanctuaries for these orcas are feasible and should be done by companies like SeaWorld which has 22 orcas in captivity” (Gorman). Sea sanctuaries are a good thing and places like SeaWorld need to start considering this for whales that need to be free
On the other hand, there are many people that are even involved with animals and aware that do not agree with them being able to be free. Hanna for example says our of 180 million people in 2009 that came to visit zoos and aquariums, came there for education and to learn more about the animal world and how they can save it (King). Hanna also mentions that there is more to the story than just entertainment. Education plays a huge part in what SeaWorld does today and the years of research could not be replaced. Hanna explains they are doing right by releasing more sea turtles, manatees, and whales into in the wild than any other conversation company in the world. Also, SeaWorld has spent more money on research than anyone else (King). SeaWorld or other aquariums are supposedly looked to be the best at educating people on marine wild life animals. Numbers can only say so much, look at the facts and there will be proven results that killer whales do not belong in the captivity, especially for education.
As a result, sea sanctuaries would give people a win/win solution. Rose...

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