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Kg English 2010 Final Essay

3300 words - 14 pages

Kramer Gibson
English 2010
August 12, 2011

Simian 40 Virus (Monkey Virus)
The scientific medical community must accept the fact that the Simian 40 Virus that was introduced through the Polio Vaccine back in the 50's, is, in deed the base cause of many of today's cancers and immune deficiency diseases. So that once this argument is accepted, positive research can be done in finding a way to kill this virus, kill the cancer it has caused, and rebuilds the immune system, thus finding the real cure for cancer.
Between 1952 and 1955 many Researchers including Jonas Salk were frantically trying to perfect a vaccination to stop the horrible effects of the deadly ...view middle of the document...

She found it by studying the minced up kidney from the rhesus monkey. In her research, she saw that the cells would all die without any reason. So, in further research, she injected it into hamsters. Eventually every hamster injected developed cancer. Later, the pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. proved and rediscovered the same virus. Doctors Benjamin Sweet and Maurice Hilleman, and the Merck scientists named the virus The Simian 40 Virus, SV40 for short. The Vacuolating Virus was another name for SV40. They acknowledged that this virus, among many was indeed found in the kidney of the rhesus monkey. Also, that the possibility of the virus being injected into millions of people along with the polio vaccinations was very real. Many studies in the early 60’s proved that SV40 caused brain cancers and other cancers in animals and suspected to cause cancer in human tissue as well (Michael E. Horwin).
In 1960, Doctors Benjamin Sweet and Maurice Hilleman, the Merck scientists who named the virus SV40, published their findings raising the question of other simian viruses that could have gotten into the vaccine that has already been injected into millions of people. This article further states that in 1962, Dr. Bernice Eddy published her findings in the journal produced by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology that caused her to loose her place as researcher of the Simian 40 Virus. Further studies by other researchers proved in the future again, that the virus caused cancerous tumors in human tissue. He warns not to trust the NIC National Institute of Health. He could see that they did not want the public to know about this (Monteith).
Because of the governments refusal to be honest with the public about SV40, many myths and half truths have been circulated through out the years by people who have experienced the effects of the virus, people who do not necessarily have any medical or scientific training, yet they know something is wrong and know that it has something to do with the Polio Vaccine. Some outlandish, some not so outlandish, such as the personal account given by Hanna Kroeger who became an herbologist and spiritual consultant, wrote in her journal her personnel account of the effects of the first polio vaccine that was administered back in the late 50’s. As she recalls through her experiences of a time when the epidemic of Polio caused the world to panic and how almost all social functions had ceased. She expounds on how the many ailments, strange sicknesses, and even mental illnesses, which were never previously heard of, kept showing up in the children after they received the polio vaccinations. Hanna tells the heart-wrenching story of how sick her very own little girl was after she was inoculated. The doctors couldn’t help her and even threatened to put her in an institution if Hanna brought her back again. It was heartbreaking to read how she finally lost her little girl. Hanna indicates that the...

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