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Key Factors And Unvarying Issues Of Boeing 787

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The plane was launched on April, 26th 2004 to be operational on May 2008, but it’s not the case actually. Moreover Boeing is quite proud to announce that its plane consumes 20% less fuel than the similarly-sized Boeing 767, notably thanks to 2 new engines. Its production and development had implied a large collaboration with many suppliers around the world. The final goal is to replace the existing Boeing 757 and 767 of the constructor. Many aviation entities had already order some 787 planes (the first was All Nippon Airways with 50 planes for 6 billion dollars, and today there are 847 orders). According to The Time, this new plane may be the plane which will save Boeing (behind Airbus in 2005) All these elements show there are some strategic aspects we will see.




We can say that Boeing’s strategy is to overtake its competitor Airbus. Indeed when Boeing had decided to launch the “Dreamliner”, it was behind Airbus. For the B787, Boeing had decided to make a strategic decision. Even if the decision to launch a new plane can save Boeing, it’s an important and dangerous decision.

As usually Boeing doesn’t launch a lot of new plane, indeed including the boeing 787, there are actually only 5 models which are in production today, so it’s easy to conclude that producing a new plane is a rare thing. We can notice that there are only nine “7x7” aircraft production since the 1950’s. Viewing the timeline of those planes, we can see there is 1 or 2 planes release all ten years approximately. As we can expect, the development of the Boeing 787 is a rare strategy that Boeing took. Indeed the last plane produced by Boeing was the Boeing 717 (in 1998), but it was a short range haul, the last long range haul produced by Boeing was the Boeing 777 in 1994… We can guess that there is a wish from Boeing to innovate, and give a modern image of the company thanks to the Boeing 787. This supposition is quite true because thanks to this plane, Boeing really tries to reduce energy consumption; this is the main axis of its strategy, with the use of composite materials for example. Moreover all systems have been redesigned to reduce consumption. The power generation occupies a very important part in this plane. Outdoor heaters (to prevent ice formation) as well as heating and pressurizing are fully electric. All other aircraft in that category using hot air and compressed (bleed air) taken from the engines. Finally there is also a wish to be more competitive against Airbus as we will see later.

It’s easy to understand that for Boeing it was a long strategy to prepare and to apply too. Indeed the “project” is born during the 1990’s in fact, because Boeing began considering replacement aircraft programs as sales for the 767 and Boeing 747 slowed.




The first goal for Boeing was to improved efficiency of its new plane (+15% of speed) while burning fuel at the same rate as the existing 767. But after September...

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