Key Differences From The 1500 1800 Time Period To Today’s Modern World, A Summary Of Blainey’s (2001) Work

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Society as we know it today has grown from a number of complexed changes and events throughout history. The aim of this essay is to explore and outline a number of key differences from the 1500-1800 time period to today’s modern world, a summary of Blainey’s (2001) work will help give an idea of how life was in that earlier time period and allows us to reference it against what we know as today. Particular differences will be outlined between the two time lines with focus on war, the roles of animals and work structure. These differences will highlight how society has changed from a localized unit to a global unit.
Society on a global scale was mostly Agrarian in structure whilst some ...view middle of the document...

Horses to were used as a means of transportation, as an implement to help ploughing, and pulling and carting of all types of materials.
Almost all food found in households was produced and manufactured locally with the exception of salt, salt would be shipped or carted in from France and Austria. Every household would use salt and to own a salt mine in Europe was to own a gold mine (Blainey (2001 p.414). Most villagers bought little salt using it sparingly and this points to how the salt trade changed after the introduction of steam transport. Steam transport lead to social inequities as the first to use it were the superiors and richest meaning they could then dictate the means of production (Hennson 2011 p.140).
War has dramatically changed, in 1630 one million people died on the plains of Lombardy, this sought of figure for people killed in action would not be heard of today for various reasons. Advancements in technology have allowed for better intelligence gathering on enemies positioning, numbers etc. weaponry has also changed as the traditional hand to hand style combat and slow awkward firearms has given way to automatic weapons, tanks, planes and even drones. From 1618-1648 the thirty-year war took place, it is almost inconceivable that a military style conflict could take 30 years in this day and age without international government intervention and the United Nations being involved.
Animals have changed also not just their roles in our lifestyle but the physicality of the animals through selective breeding etc. Animals were traditionally used for farming and working purposes but now are used for companionship and in some cases as a fashion accessory or status symbol. Animals are still put to work with dogs being used in farming for herding livestock along with horses but the traditional plough behind a horse has given way to the tractor with the birth of the mechanical age in the industrial age. Breeds of dogs are specifically bred to avoid allergies, they are miniaturized for fashion trends and many breeds are actually worse of due to this selective breeding with many genetic negative traits passed along bloodlines.
The daily working routine of modern man differs greatly on average...

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