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Key Concepts Of Organizational Design Essay

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Key Concepts of Organizational Design
December 13, 2010

Key Concepts of Organizational Design
[The introduction goes here. It should be one or two paragraphs explaining the findings of your paper. The introduction should prepare the reader for the contents of the paper by previewing the four main topics in your paper. Be sure to end with a transition word or sentence to lead into Section 1 of your paper. Triple click anywhere in this paragraph to begin typing your own introduction.] In this paper, I will provide some key concepts of organizational design and its importance, assessing the relationships between strategy, structure, and process in organizations and ...view middle of the document...

12). Depending upon the design of the organizational structure, management’s control can either increase or decrease. This reflects how effective an organization will respond to certain factors in its environment. Because of the increasing pressure from consumers and competitors, it is becoming increasingly difficult to respond to the changes without the appropriate design set. An important part of organizational theory is organizational design; these terms go hand in hand and assist in the building of a business’s frame work. Fundamentally, it is important to change management within the organization and shapes the organization’s culture, leading toward the achievement of reaching its goals. Organizational design becomes more complex as the company experiences growth.

Identified and explained the importance of at least Five key organizational design choices from the readings.
Organizational Structures
Clearly described the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of various organizational structures.
Mechanistic structures are designed to induce people to behave in predictable, accountable ways. Decision-making authority is centralized, subordinates are closely supervised, and information flows mainly in a vertical direction down a clearly defined hierarchy. In a mechanistic structure the tasks associated with a role are also clearly defined. There is usually a one-to-one correspondence between a person and a task. There is usually a one-to-one correspondence between a person and a task. Each person is individually specialized and knows exactly what he or she is responsible for, and behavior inappropriate to the role is discouraged or prohibited. At the functional level, each function is separate, and communication and cooperation among functions are the responsibility of someone at the top of the hierarchy. Thus, in a mechanistic structure, the hierarchy is the principal integrating mechanism both within and between functions. Because tasks are organized to prevent miscommunication, the organization does not need to use complex integrating mechanisms. Tasks and roles are coordinated primarily through standardization. Formal written rules and procedures specify role responsibilities, and standardization (together with the hierarchy) is the main means of organizational control. Given this emphasis on the vertical command structure, the organization is very status conscious, and norms of "protecting one's turf " are common. Promotion is normally slow and steady, tied to performance. One's progress in the organization can be charted for years to come. Because of its rigidity, a mechanistic structure is best suited to organizations that face stable, unchanging environments.
Organic Structures
Organic structures are at the opposite end of the organizational design spectrum from mechanistic structures. Organic structures promote flexibility, so people initiate change and can adapt quickly to changing conditions. ...

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