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Key Concepts Essay

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The Psychodynamic Approach

This essay will discuss the Psychodynamic approach. It will address the psyche, unconscious and conscious, psychosexual stages of development, defense mechanisms and finally the strengths and limitations of the approach.

The psychodynamic approach is about the unconscious processes which underpin our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It is important in early childhood experiences (conscious and unconscious) in determining our later development because aspects of early relationships are transferred onto relationships in the present, which is known as transference.

The psychodynamic approach is also about the ID, ego and super ego. The ID is like a ...view middle of the document...

Phallic – This is from masturbation. The key influences are the Oedipus and Elektra complexes, as a result of this, it results in a fixation of vanity.
Latent – This is from little sexual motivation, the influences are acquiring knowledge and understanding of our world.
Genital – This is from heterosexual intercourse, which is looked as it being normal.

Defense Mechanisms
Two commonly used defense mechanisms are denial, where somebody refuses to accept something and acts like it doesn’t exist. Many people use this in every day life to avoid dealing with things they don’t want to admit. Example, An alcoholic will deny they have a drinking problem and come up with reasons to support their claim like ‘I am not an alcoholic, I don’t drink much and I am good at my job and haven’t touched a drop’. Also, projection is very common where somebody may feel something which maybe unacceptable and they will project it onto somebody else. For example in a relationship you may have cheated but will blame your partner instead to take the heat off of you.

Key strengths
* Has a strong explanatory power
* Individual differences (case studies)
* In depth
* Psychoanalysis
* Subjective

Key Limitations
* Unscientific in its...

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