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Kentucky Fried Chicken Essay

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Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC is the largest fast-food chain in Malaysia and Brunei, serving world famous Original Recipe fried chicken which contains secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. Apart from serving finger-licking good food, they continuously aim for high quality and are committed to ensure food safety by stringent control to maintain their standards.
They cook their products well above the minimum temperature recommended by WHO. They have developed standard procedure that would minimize risk of cross contamination between raw and ready-to-eat products.
They provide information on the nutritional values of KFC products to assist their customers in planning a wholesome and ...view middle of the document...

KFC has more than 11,000 outlets in 85 countries and territories around the world, serving some 8 million customers each day.

KFC fast-food chains are currently under the restaurant division of Pepsi Co Incorporated. Pepsi Co. is a corporation with three divisions including beverages, snack foods, and restaurants. The restaurant division of Pepsi Co. is named as YUM! Brands Inc. Yum! Restaurants International (YRI) is the division of Yum! Brands that operates all restaurants outside the U.S.A. YRI is Pepsi Co.’s fastest growing and most profitable division. In fact, KFC makes more profit outside the U.S.A. than in the U.S.A. In 2002, the YRI system opened a record 1,051 traditional restaurants with over 6,000 KFC outlets and over 4,000 Pizza Huts.
The financial position of PepsiCo is very good. The corporation compares well with industry averages. Operationally, they have improved the health environment of their employees and customers by enforcing a smoke-free policy. Also, they have increased employee training for better service and cleaner restaurants.
Colonel Harland Sanders, born September 9, 1890, actively began franchising his chicken business at the age of 65. Now, the Kentucky Fried Chicken (R) business he started has grown to be one of the largest retail food service systems in the world. And colonel sanders, a quick service restaurant pioneer, have become a symbol of entrepreneurial spirit. More than two billion of the colonel’s “finger lickin’ good”, chicken dinners are served annually. And not just in North America. The colonel’s cooking is available in more than 82 countries around the world.
He sold his interest in the US 1980 to 1984. The Colonel remained a public spokesman for the company. In 1976, an independent survey ranked the Colonel as the world’s second most recognized celebrity.
Under the new owners, Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation grew rapidly. It went public on March 17, 1966, and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange on January 16, 1969. More than 3,500 franchised and company-owned restaurants were in worldwide operation when Heublein Inc. acquired KFC Corporation on July 8, 1971, for $285 million.
Kentucky Fried Chicken became a subsidiary of R.J. Reynolds Industries, Inc. (now RJR Nabisco, Inc.), when Reynolds acquired Heublein Inc. in 1982. KFC was acquired in October 1986 from RJR Nabisco, Inc. by PepsiCo, Inc., for approximately $840 million.
In January 1997, PepsiCo, Inc. announced the spin-off of its quick service restaurants -- KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut -- into an independent restaurant company, Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc. In May 2002, the company announced it received shareholders' approval to change its corporation name to Yum! Brands, Inc. The company, which owns A&W All-American Food Restaurants, KFC, Long John Silvers, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurants, is the world's largest restaurant company in terms of system units with nearly 32,500 in more than 100 countries...

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