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Kathy Kudler Essay

1188 words - 5 pages

Kathy Kudler’s Gourmet Market –
Organizational Behavior Paper
Teanna Ross
University of Phoenix
MGT 521 Management
Group: PA08MBA07F
Instructor: Dean Tripodes
October 20, 2008
Workshop 4

Established in 1998 by Kathy Kudler, Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet grocery store selling upscale specialty foods with several locations throughout the San Diego metropolitan area. Kathy’s passion for gourmet cooking and her frustration at not having a one-stop shop to buy gourmet ingredients, she realized that there was an opportunity for an upscale epicurean food shop in La Jolla. Opening the first store in La Jolla became an instant success, and since then Kudler Fine Foods has ...view middle of the document...

The esposed values are not easily recognized but are conscious and deliberate actions of all employees. Core beliefs are the most important as they are the foundation and focal point of the company. All process procedures and actions relate back to the core beliefs. The mission of Kudler Fine Foods is to provide customers with the finest selection of food, wine, and other related needs. The culture at Kulder Fine Foods seems close nit and highly organized. All employees are trained to become knowledgeable on all food products being sold and conversation with customers is encouraged. Since Kathy is the one who hires, fires and promotes employees she knows the type of desire, passion, qualities and skills employees need to possess in order to work for her company.
Organizational structure is very important when operating any type of business. The organizational structure of Kudler Fine Foods is very simple. Kathy Kudler being the president having the following positions reporting directly to her includes three store managers, and administrative assistant, the director of finance and accounting, the director of store operations, and the director of administration and human resources. The organizational structure used for each store locations is also simple having the store managers in the executive position having all assistant store managers reporting directly to them and all department heads reporting to the assistant store managers.
Planning, organizing, directing, strategizing, and managing all store procedures are duties the president handles. Planning ahead is a needed and essential task to set future goals and implement activities to achieve them. Along with planning, placing orders received from all department managers, coordinating advertising campaigns that correspond with special products being marketed, and product pricing are tasks Kathy handles. As well as handling the duties described above Kathy also handles all legal counseling if an accident occurs in any store location. All positions reporting to Kathy are responsible for the following: Store Managers are responsible for supervising the department managers, cashiers, baggers, stockers, assistant managers and clerks. The store manager manages the store and oversees daily activities and fills in when necessary; Assistant Managers oversee the department heads and implement policies and procedures from human resources; Department Heads are responsible for managing the budget, supervision of full-time and part-time employees re-stocking shelves based sales; the Director of Finance and Accounting is responsible for the scheduling and implementation of all financial and accounting procedures; the Director of Operations manages the day to day operations at the three store...

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