Katherine O'flaherty Chopin's Biography And Her Relationship To Her Book "The Awakening"

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Katherine O'Flaherty Chopin was born on July 12, 1850. She was the daughter of Thomas O'Flaherty, an immigrant Irish businessman, and Eliza Faris, a French Creole mother. When Kate was four, her father died in train accident. Her father was aboard a train while it crossed the Gasconade Bridge, which had collapsed. Her father's death left Kate without any male role models.She lived with her widowed mother, widowed grandmother and widowed great-grandmother, Victoria Verdon Charleville. Charleville was an inspiration to Kate. She educated her in French, music, and introduced her to storytelling. She emphasized to Kate the need to live life "clearly and fearlessly." Charleville's mother was the ...view middle of the document...

" Negative criticism from readers, male readers especially, ended her career. Relatives sent her supportive letters and tried to revive her spirit in writing but failed.Kate Chopin devoted her last few years to her family. On August 20, 1904, Kate spends a day at the St. Louis World's Fair. She returns home exhausted only to die of a cerebral hemorrhage. She is buried a few days later on August 24, 1904.In the The Awakening, Mademoiselle Reisz, a pianist, is Edna's role model and mentor. She assists Edna in finding her independence. She teaches Edna to "fly." Similarly, Kate Chopin's role model, Charleville, educated Kate in the area of music and emphasized the importance of living life "clearly and fearlessly."Kate's close friend, Dr Kolbenheyer, often visited Kate after her mother's death and encourages Kate to pursue her interest in writing. Doctor Kolbenheyer is the model for Doctor Mandelet, who is introduced in chapter twenty two of The Awakening. In chapter twenty two, Leonce visits Doctor Mandelet and express his concerns about Edna. Doctor Mandelet tells Leonce to leave...

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